This Is What A Nutritionist Eats Every Single Day

Nutrition coach Lyda Borgsteijn tells us how she achieves balance in her everyday diet.

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“Let me pre-empt this by saying my diet is not perfect,” says Lyda. “I don’t believe in perfect or that it exists when it comes to food. Instead, I focus on balance and eating 99% whole foods in the form of primarily fresh vegetables (I try to get a weekly organic fruit and veg box), fish, fermented foods and good fats (coconut oil, nuts, seeds, avocados), followed by free range/organic meats/poultry, some fruits and a little bit of fermented dairy.

“I plan each meal around my protein first, then vegetables and then a little bit of fat. Of course, I always stick to gluten-free as the bare minimum, as I’m a little sensitive to gluten.

“My diet fits my current health and fitness goals but I also don’t deprive myself and do often enjoy a treat on a Friday or if out for dinner.

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“I eat usually three to four times a day depending on my schedule. I don’t count calories or weigh my food unless my current fitness goals demand it. I spent years obsessing over this as a teenager and really it got me nowhere. Instead, I fill my plate and eat until I’m satisfied; not stuffed.

“In general, I wake up at 5am but wait until 8 or 9am to eat. This isn’t for any particular reason other than I usually train fasted first thing in the morning so my focus is just plenty of water. I aim for three litres per day from plain still water and herbal teas.

“Today, I woke up at 5am and did a heavy leg session in Crossfit Bray from 6-7.30am. Following this, I had a shot of apple cider vinegar diluted in water with a bit of lemon juice and enjoyed breakfast; poached eggs, vine tomatoes, smoked salmon and a bowl of berries. I try to drink ACV before every meal to support my digestive system.

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“Mid-morning I had a large cup of coffee. I try to keep this to a minimum but I am a coffee addict.

“Lunch was at 2pm and consisted of a large salad from Avoca. I am obsessed with the superfood salad which consists of vegan shoots, pulses, squash, chia, hemp, and broccoli. So as not to miss out on the protein, I asked for it to be served with some seared tuna.

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“Mid afternoon I had a juice from Sprout – the Supergreen is my absolute favourite!

“At around 6pm I had a pack of Pip & Nut almond butter with two squares of dark chocolate – this new brand I m seeing in the health store is great for people like me with no self control around nut butter! Each packet is two tablespoons.

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“Dinner: I again had my shot of apple cider vinegar diluted in a bit of water followed by a salmon fillet (I did say I love fish), and the rest of the plate is just mixed vegetables. I always aim for three quarters of my plate being vegetables. I added a medium sweet potato for my complex carbs.

“After dinner, I enjoyed 2 cups of licorice and peppermint tea.

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“This is a pretty standard day for me. I am a creature of habit so my meals stay pretty consistent. When not eating out, I still tend to favour either salads or soup with protein for lunch. I am a big fish eater but do enjoy my meat and try to get a good amount of offal in when and where I can because the nutritional value of these foods is just amazing.”