This Is What A Personal Trainer Eats Every Day

And it actually looks kinda delish!

Leanne Moore

Leanne Moore gives us serious #lifeenvy. A singer, TV presenter (you can catch her on Xpose) and personal trainer, her blog is full of tricks and tips to help you achieve that enviable bod.

Luckily for us, Leanne took time out of her busy schedule to let us in on what she eats in a day, and it actually looks totally delish – hoorah!


leanne moore straw

“Today I was up for my first client at 6.30am, so when I needed a good breakfast to keep me going till mid-morning. I opted for pro-oats (oats with a scoop of whey protein added) with strawberries and almond butter and a cup of coffee, of course. I love an Americano, and then throughout the morning I usually try drink up to a litre of water.”



“By now, I’m usually starving and what I eat really depends on my schedule for the day. If I’m finished till the afternoon I’ll head home and make something tasty, but if I’m on the go, I’ll have prepped food with me. Today I decided to grab lunch at home. I chose my Chicken and Balsamic Salad from Paleo Ireland. I get a menu from them that’s specifically designed for people on the go who need to have their lunches and dinners fully prepped. Each week I get five lunches and five dinners delivered to my house. I also made a green juice in my juice maker with apple, kale, spinach, cucumber and lemon.”


“I try to eat every three to four hours, usually. It’s quite hard if I’ve clients or classes – but I do always aim for that. At 2pm I’d half of my dinner meal, which was chili mince with vegetables just as a snack. I also drank another two glasses of water.”


“I was on my way back into work for evening clients and I grabbed my favourite protein bar – the new Fulfil one in the coconut flavour. I’m absolutely obsessed with these at the moment! That and a cup of tea just hit the spot – it almost feels bold but there’s only 2.1g of sugar in the bar.”


leanne moore sweet potato

“I finished work early tonight and finished of the chili mince from earlier for my dinner. I’d also done a training session myself so I added extra carbs: I went for sweet potato wedges and some green vegetables and just added the rest of my chili mince.”



“I was still a little hungry, so I’d two rice cakes with some almond butter and a few slivers of banana. I don’t usually eat fruit this late but I was craving this little treat!”

Looking for some more #foodspo from Leanne? Why not check out her Insta? She’s always posting snaps of her  delish healthy food!


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