This Man’s Beautiful Facebook Post About Getting Married Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

'Don't say no to marriage, say yes and keep saying yes until the day you die.'


Rom-coms and Disney films get a bad rap for giving viewers unrealistic expectations about love, soulmates and finding The One, but the truth is, that for some people, love really is just that special.

Entrepreneur and author Dale Partridge has been married for three years. He hasn’t been shy about sharing the tough parts of his relationship on his blog – including the fact that becoming self-employed almost “destroyed” his marriage – but he’s been very vocal about the good parts too.

One Facebook post of his in particular, spotted by Cosmopolitan this week, is a beautifully honest and inspiring post about long-term relationships and the joys of marriage. If you’re a bit of a commitment-phobe, we’d suggest giving it a read, because if this can’t melt your anti-marriage heart, nothing can.

“Men are so worried that marriage will leave them with ‘only one woman’ for the rest of their lives. That’s simply not true,” he writes, in a post which currently has 291,000 shares and a massive 689,000 likes.

“I fell in love with a 19-year-old rock climber, married a 20-year-old animal lover, started a family with a 24-year-old mother, then built a farm with a 25-year-old homemaker, and today I’m married to a 27-year-old woman of wisdom. If your mind is healthy, you’ll never get tired of ‘one woman’. You’ll actually become overwhelmed with how many beautiful versions of her you get to marry over the years. Don’t say no to marriage, say yes and keep saying yes until the day you die.”

No YOU’RE crying.



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