This Website Compares Your Salary To Celebrity Salaries, And It’s An Eye-Opener

It would take Kylie Jenner about two hours to earn the average years' salary. Sob.

With the news that Kylie Jenner is to become the world’s youngest billionaire, there has been a renewed interest in what celebrities are earning.

New research from I Saw It First looks at the takings of some of the world’s richest celebrities, breaking them down to the amount they make per second. Kylie, for example, is getting a cool €5.28 every time she takes a breath. SMH.

The site also allows you to pit your own salary against theirs, if you like driving yourself absolutely batty like that.

We do, so we input the average Irish salary, which according to CSO figures from 2016 is €36,919, to see how it measures up to what celebrities are bringing in:

  • It would take Kylie Jenner (on about €143,190,000 a year) two hours to earn what most Irish people do in a year, but it’d take you 3878 years to earn what she does. Christ.
  • Ed Sheeran would need about three hours to net himself €36k. He makes €94.6m a year, AKA €259,178 per day.
  • Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, needs six whole hours to make the average yearly salary. Six hours! Jesus Kim, keep up. However, it’d still take you 1561 years to make what she does every year.
  • At €8.1m per year, Gigi Hadid is only earning €15 a minute, poor sod. It’d take her 40 hours to make the average yearly salary, and you 221 years to earn what she does each year.

Wouldn’t that make you sick? You can see how you measure up here. We take no responsibility for any desire to ‘eat the rich’ that may arise from this article.