Throw A Party Everyone Will Talk About – Promise!

We've got a 6 point checklist to take your party from average to AH-mazing!


So you’ve picked out a venue, ordered in the beers and organised the guest list. Right so, that’s the basics sorted – but there’s something missing. We’ve got six party pointers to make sure your shindig is the talk of the town. Here’s how to throw a bash to remember…

Party plus+

Give your party a little extra pizzaz. Leave a few disposable cameras lying around for people to take snaps, have customised decor, napkins and cups and consider using cool photo props. Didya see the Instagram Frame and speech bubbles we used at the Shine Awards last November? Our guests had stacks of craic with those. You want folks to have fun so give them something to muck about with, eh?

1. Invites and then some

Don’t just make a boring old Facebook event. Get crafty and create a fun online flyer instead. Include all the vital info, like where it’s at, what time and dress code and don’t be afraid to talk it up too! If you know your drinks are going to be deadly or you’ll be putting on some stellar entertainment then put it on there. That way you’ll create a buzz about your party before it’s even started. Remember to e-mail it out two weeks ahead to get people all hyped up.

2. Newbie nibbles

Crisps and dip are so friday night on the couch. Opt for yummy finger food like Buffalo Mozzarella and chilli crostinis or curried cauliflower fritters instead. Sweet nibbles will go down a treat too. Think novelty cupcakes with your guest’s names or initials or DIY Strawberry Shot glasses filled with chocolate. Doing something different will get people talking and prompt convos like “hey, you remember that really cool party where they served edible shot glasses?,” for months to come.

3. Drinks with a difference

You can have beer or wine any night of the week so serve up something a little more fun. Pitchers of margaritas are ace at a self-serve party, and fruity Champagne cocktails are a cool twist on boring old bubbles. Think about how you serve it up too. If you can get your hands on some novelty cocktail glasses, old jam jars or glass soda bottles then do it! And remember to have some beer, wine and spirits stashed for anyone who wants to stick with their usual drink.

4. Perfect your playlist

Rope in a DJing friend to help you put together some killer tunes. If that’s not an option use Song Vote, an app that allows your guests to vote for the songs they’d like to hear at your party. Start out with chilled, loungey music at the beginning of the evening and take it more up-tempo as the night warms up. If you don’t fancy running back and forth to the sound system every half an hour then grab your music loving mate and offer him free beers if he’ll take care of the tunes all night. Or, create a killer Spotify playlist that’ll work it all out for you. Sorted.

5. Light it right

Nothing kills a party faster than harsh bulbs, so set the tone with some mood lights. Deep purples create a sultry vibe, while red or orange will give the room a cheery feel. If you’re doing it on the cheap opt for lanterns or LED strip lights, which will brighten everything up on a low budget. At the very least, dim the switches. But not too much, you don’t want peeps falling asleep.