Turns Out That Flossing Your Teeth Could Actually Be A Total Waste Of Time

NOW they're telling us?!

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Along with removing waterproof mascara, flossing your teeth is one of those nightly chores that never gets any more enjoyable.

Just when you’ve put away your toothbrush, cleaned your face, moisturised to within an inch of your life and are about to head merrily off to bed, there it is, glaring at you: that little plastic box of dental floss.

Well, it turns out that accidentally-on-purpose forgetting to floss mightn’t be that big of a dental hygiene sin at all. According to a new report by Associated Press today, the evidence in US dental research to support flossing is mainly “weak, very unreliable,” and carries “a moderate to large potential for bias.”


The AP launched an investigation into the so-called benefits of flossing in order to ascertain whether the American Dental Association and the US federal government could legally encourage the use of floss as “an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums,” as they currently do.

So is flossing necessary, or is it all a big money racket to get us to shell out €3.50 a month on a few metres of minty string?

In terms of plaque removal, the AP say there is little to no evidence to support the use of floss in addition to a toothbrush.

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While flossing may do some good in preventing gum disease, it’s thought the actual benefits could be so “minute” that most people wouldn’t even notice a difference. As for the studies cited in most research, the AP points out that these are generally “outdated,” “tested few people” or were “paid for by the [dental] industry.”

To really top things off, AP point out that flossing could actually cause more harm than good, by damaging gum lining or dental work and dislodging bad bacteria that could make it into the bloodstream.

The takeaway? Flossing *might* be good for your teeth in some ways, so go on ahead and keep doing it if it’s part of your routine. But don’t stress if you miss a few nights, bbz.


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