Wanna Stay Lean On Holidays? Joe Wicks, The Body Coach Has This Straight-Talking Advice

We caught up with Joe in Dublin's The Marker recently, where he shared this deadly tip.

Joe Wicks

Chances are, if you’ve got a big holiday coming up and you’re going to be rocking a bikini, then you’ve probably been making a few smart tweaks to your regular diet and exercise routine in a bid to look a little more lean and toned.

But now that said holiday is looming the fear is kicking in: sure you want to have an absolute blast while you’re away, but you don’t fancy coming back feeling bloated, having undone all of your efforts.

For Joe Wicks, the man behind training and fitness programme Lean In 15, staying lean on holidays is all about choice.

‘You can come back from a holiday feeling leaner or you can come back feeling a bit podgy or looser,” he explains, adding that a lack of exercise and unhealthy food choices can cause you to gain body fat really quickly. Sob.

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Thankfully though, it’s not all bad news, and for those who’d like to loosen the reigns a bit on holiday but still maintain the body they’ve worked so hard for, Joe has one big piece of advice: always train as soon as you get up in the morning.

‘Just get up in the morning and do a little HIIT session,” he advises. ‘Then you can relax a little bit and maybe have an ice cream, and enjoy your food a bit more.’

The beauty of it is that HIIT (that’s high intensity interval training to you and me) focuses on short intense bursts of exercises, meaning that once you’ve done your 20 minutes of working out you’re free to enjoy the beach – and the buffet!

(Psst! Check out this hotel room-friendly workout from Joe below)

Of course that doesn’t mean you can go completely hell for leather on croissants and cocktails, but it does let you off the hook at little.

Hey, if it means we won’t feel hella crappy on the flight back to Dublin, then we’re game.


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