Want Curves? Our Personal Trainer Reveals How To Get Your Big Bum Back

Ornagh Lee, owner of More Chalk Gymnastics Strength & Mobility Studio, is here to solve your fitness problems.

Strength and mobility coach, Ornagh Lee, is STELLAR’s fitness agony aunt, here to solve your workout dilemmas.

One reader sought advice on to build up her girly curves, and wrote to us saying, “Dear Ornagh, I spent so long just doing cardio that I’ve lost all my girly curves and I feel like I look a bit haggard. What exercises should I do to get my bum and boobs back? Sinead, 29, Dublin.”

Ornagh replied, “Hi Sinead, squat, squat, squat if you want to make that booty grow! Weight-training is going to be key for gaining and building muscle.

“There are also a lot of isolation exercises you can do to build muscle in particular areas,” she continued, “If the bum is somewhere you want to focus on, try exercises that target your glutes and hamstrings. Unfortunately the boobs are not an area you can increase with exercise or weight training and will generally only return if you were to gain back some weight. Enjoy! Love, O, x.”

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This article first appeared in the September issue of STELLAR Magazine. Our October issue is on shelves now.


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