Warning: Needle Alert! STELLAR Gets Hooked Up To The REVIV Intravenous Wellness Drip

Our run-down staff writer schleps out to Venus Medical to try celeb favourite, the IV vitamin infusion.


When I told people I was getting my arm punctured in the name of research, you’d swear I’d said I was going to skin a cat. The raised eyebrows were high – we’re talking hairline height – and there was some cautionary advice thrown in there too, such as, “don’t be messing with that kind of stuff” (my Mum).

But for you, lovely STELLAR reader, nothing is too extreme. Days later I, found myself on a treatment chair, veins prepped and the hypodermic needle ready for insertion. I’m painting an intense picture here, but trust me – it wasn’t at all scary.

REVIV wellness drips are the brainchild of four US doctors who saw a gap in the market for optimising health and recovery (that’s American for, “making you feel a bit better than you do right now”). Their flagship store in Las Vegas ‘revives’ about 100 clients a day.

In Ireland, the drips – Megaboost, Vitaglow, Ultraviv and Royal Flush, in addition to Slimboost, Vitaboost and B12 booster shots – are currently exclusively available at Venus Medical. Mighty tired and a smidge hungover, we decided to give it go and met with clinic director, Dr Peter Prendergast.

Following an extremely thorough medical history, a chat through various consent forms and a blood pressure reading, he applied topical anaesthetic (a numbing cream) to the site, just inside my forearm, where the needle would make its merry way. Entirely painless, I didn’t feel a thing. Nada.


As the Megaboost vitamin, electrolyte and antioxidant mix flooded my veins, and I received a vitamin B12 shot in my upper arm (I’m going to fly out of this place, I thought), I asked the good doctor a few questions.

What exactly do the wellness drips contain?

“The Megaboost drip contains electrolytes, several vitamins, and the ‘Master’ antioxidant, glutathione. Vitaglow contains a higher strength antioxidant for general health and skin health. Ultraviv quickly rehydrates and relieves nausea, headaches and fatigue, it also contains anti-inflammatories. Royal Flush has the benefits of both the Megaboost and Ultraviv drips. The Slimboost optimises fat metabolism with vitamins and amino acids.”

Why did you choose the Megaboost drip and the B12 injection for me?

“That one in particular is suitable for most people who are feeling generally well but wish to optimise their health. While Megaboost restores hydration instantly, it also helps replenish essential minerals and vitamins, boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body and cleanses vital organs.

“The vitamin B12 shot provides more energy, further boosts the immune system and helps to regulate sleep, mood and appetite cycles. B12 is important for red blood cell production, which may be inadequately absorbed in some people. The absorption of this important vitamin can also be affected by certain diets or coffee and alcohol.”

Why do you recommend this method?

“Intravenous therapies provide instant effects. The rehydration with these therapies alone can alleviate many symptoms of mild dehydration including lack of energy, headache and poor concentration. The vitamins and antioxidants, of course, confer added benefits. The effects may last several days, depending on a person’s lifestyle. Some elite athletes enjoy the benefits of vitamin infusions every week. Other people seek IV therapies perhaps once a month.”

How does a drip differ to, say, knocking back a Dioralyte?

“Dioralyte is indicated for rehydration alone but relies on the integrity of the gut which may be compromised, irritated, or unwilling to accept anything orally – especially if you are vomiting! Intravenous drips bypass the gut and provide instant rehydration.”

If I swallowed every drip ingredient in tablet form, would I get the same benefits?

“No. Taking something orally does not mean it’s fully absorbed and available to your body. Only what is absorbed into the blood is available – perhaps only half of what is taken orally is absorbed and bioavailable. Also, the doses of many vitamins in multivitamins are often quite low. The amount in drips can be higher and since it is infused into the vein, it’s 100 percent bioavailable.”

Can I continue taking my usual supplements while getting the wellness drip?

“Yes, you can continue your usual oral supplements for sure. The vitamins in REVIV infusions are water soluble, meaning you cannot overdose on them.”

Have there been any reported reactions to the drips?

“REVIV drips have been tried and tested! There have been no reported significant adverse reactions in tens of thousands of treatments in the US and Europe.”

Why did you check my blood pressure before beginning the drip?

“We always check vital signs before any intravenous infusion. If the blood pressure is too high or too low, there may be an underlying reason that should be addressed before receiving the drip.”

Have you tried the wellness drips?

“Yes, I have tried several of the drips and boosters. After a lot of travel or when I had a cold, I experienced the remarkable benefits of the Royal Flush which instantly made me feel better. I also like the Megaboost every month or so because I train quite a bit.”

Who avails of the treatment in your clinic?

“There is no typical patient, although we regularly see brides, celebs, TV personalities, athletes and sportsmen and women, before and after events. They come in if they need more energy, help alleviating fatigue, to boost the immune system, or to recover. I suppose most of the people getting the IV therapies are healthy, active women.”


Well – how did I feel? Pretty darn chilled, relaxed (probably the magnesium, which is a proven stress buster), and clear-headed. My skin glowed, I slept well, and I had no – read no – cravings for junk foods; instead, I wanted to nourish this temple. In my case, the energy hit wasn’t so much instant, it was more sustained throughout the week. Would I get hooked up again? For def! Now I just have to start saving…

Wellness drips costs from €199 and booster shots start at €49. For more information, see venusmedical.ie.