5 Ways To Cure The Fear After A Wild Night Out

Reckon you did something majorly morto last night? We've got the antidote to feeling like you've done some lasting damage.

hangover fear

A serious amount of drink has been consumed, shoes have been lost, and the phone is nowhere to be found. There, there STELLAR sisters, the fear doesn’t control you, we’re going to bring you back to life. And remember this, this bit is crucial: you’re not going to die.

1. Ring a friend

“After a heavy night out I often retreat into myself,” says Oonagh, 28. “I literally turn off my phone and spend the day trying to patch together the embarrassing events of the previous evening. I work myself up into such a state, most times there’ll be tears.”

Top tip: Turn on the celly and speak to your BFF. We promise you, it’s not as bad as you think.

Make your own Isotonic sports drink – water, squash of your choice and a generous pinch of salt. Drink copiously.

2. Hydrate

“When I’m hungover to sh*t, it feels like my brain is shrinking,” laughs Maria, 27. “I can’t get my head straight, I can’t function and the fear is seriously overwhelming.”

Top tip: Make your own Isotonic sports drink – water, squash of your choice and a generous pinch of salt. Drink copiously.

3. Have a shower

Amber, 24, reveals her hangover hygiene. “If I go out on a Saturday night and I’m dying a death on the Sunday, I swear to God I might not even manage to take off my make-up ’til the Monday morning when I’m getting ready for work!”

Top tip: Get in under that hose pipe. There’s nothing like warm water and a shampoo to cleanse the mind of morto drunken thoughts.

4. Don’t ‘like’

“I can’t cope with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter when I’ve got the shakes,” shudders Nina, 30. “A tag in a photo is enough to tip me over the edge – I’m not joking.”

Top tip: Avoid social media at all costs. Steal a glance when you’re feeling a bit stronger, it’ll still be there in all its filtered glory.

5. Load up the funnies

Lara, 29, tells STELLAR, “when the creeping death is upon me I stupidly watch Law & Order SVU as it seems to be the only thing on telly. It really freaks me out, even the music, and I end up going around locking doors and closing windows.”

Top tip: Puppy zoomies and babies laughing are great for a pick me up. As are YouTube clips of people doing embarrassing things. *we didn’t say that*