Suffering From Hay Fever? You should Try This Hack

So long, allergies.

Summer is great, the sunshine, the longer days, and trips abroad (pre-COVID ofc), but there is one thing that ruins all the good summer vibes, and that is, of course, hay fever.

The past two or so has been a solid attack after attack of pollen, and you know what, having a constantly dry nose from blowing it and streaming mascara from watery eyes just ain’t it, sis. While we’re extremely limited with our options for spending our downtime and socialising with friends, we’ve been spending more time in our gardens and local parks than we have in our entire lifetimes, so those of us with asthma and hay fever are SUFFERING.

However, some genius sufferers have come up with a very handy hack to minimise the uncomfortable affects, and it’s likely that you have everything that you need sitting somewhere in your house right now.

Taking a tin of vaseline, it’s believed that if you apply a small amount of the petroleum jelly around your nostrils and inside the front of the nostrils, it can work as a barrier between you and the pollen. It’s believed that the jelly has the ability to trap pollen grains and subsequently stop them from going up your nose – which is what causes the discomfort.

It’s reccommed by those who have tried and tested the hack to apply the vaseline throughout the day and even before going asleep at night, pollen levels are at their most high in the morning and late afternoon, so getting ahead of the game and applying some before you go asleep means you can wake up pollen-free.

You can apply it with a cotton bud if you like, or you can just use your fingers, as long as you wash them before and afterwards, does it really matter? and voila, allergies be gone!




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