What Are Your Period Symptoms Trying To Tell You?

Do you suffer every time your lady flow comes to town? We found out what those nasty symptoms mean.

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As if bleeding persistently for seven days wasn’t enough, mother nature decides to add further insult to injury by adding in some horrendous symptoms to go along with it. However, we’ve found out that your period symptoms could be telling you more about your body than you realise.

Severe cramps

Cramps are the bane of our lives, like we’d genuinely give up chocolate for life if it meant a life sans cramps, and that’s saying something! Cramps occurs due to the shedding of the uterine lining during your period. Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for your monthly agony but as it turns out they could actually be trying to tell you something. Severe cramping is a sign of endometriosis, which is caused by  uterine tissue growing outside the uterus. Now, before you all start running to the doctor it only occurs in 7-10% of women, so chances are you’re just unlucky with your flow, but if the cramping is unbearable pay a visit to your GP for a check up.

Extreme mood swings

You’re a helluva lot moodier during your TOM because your body is producing more oestrogen, which makes you feel happier but then your body releases chemicals that counteract this, resulting in one seriously moody gal. However, if your mood swings are effecting your quality of life ensure to seek help from your GP, it might just mean changing your birth control but it’s best to keep yourself in check.

Bad breakouts

We can blame our over-active hormones during our time of the moth for this less than aesthetically pleasing side effect. However, if you find that your breakouts are continuing longer than your period, it could be because of your diet. We know it’s super tempting to binge on chocolate during your period, but you should try your best to resist binging as this will only make you suffer in the long term. A study has shown that the amount of chocolate you eat directly corresponds with your acne, so if you need to indulge in just have a few squares rather than a mega-sized Galaxy bar.

An increased sex drive

We’re not usually ones to complain about an increased sex drive but it can prove to be quite a hindrance during your period. Numerous studies have found that your libido peaks during ovulation periods, so your body is basically getting all excited to make babies. Always remember that you CAN get pregnant on your period so if you’re planning on doing the deed you still need to take precautions.


Ever fall asleep at your desk when you’re on your TOM? Thanks to the dip in your hormones, it’s no surprise you’re feeling a little run down. To compensate for this you could take some multi-vitamins or iron supplements.  However, if you find yourself unable to get out of bed during the day it could be a sign of something more serious, like Anaemia. In this case you should visit your GP for advice.

Diarrhea and bloating

You can blame the hormones oestrogen and progesterone again for this one. The hormones are known to cause bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea. This mainly occurs during the first few days of your period and symptoms should subside after that.


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