What To Eat To Beat The 3pm Slump

You're super groggy. We've found the satisfying treats that'll give you a boost mid-afternoon.

Almost like clockwork, as soon as it hits 3pm, our tummies start to grumble, our eyes start to droop and we suddenly can’t concentrate on that dreaded work task – yeah, the one with the looming deadline. Naturally, we’ll reach for the quickest hit of sugary, refined carbs we can get our hands on, only to be back in a slump again an hour later. Grr.

The reason you crash around 3pm is due to a dip in blood sugar, so instead of grabbing a sugary quick fix, we need a satisfying snack that’ll power us through the rest of the day. We’ve found four that fit the bill perfectly.

Hummus and pita bread

hummus and pita bread

Much more satisfying than that cereal bar or bag of crisps and perfect for popping in your lunch bag, the combo of protein and carb in hummus and pita bread provides a hit of slow-releasing energy that will help see you right through the afternoon.

Dark chocolate and nuts

dark chocolate and almonds

Dark chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, both of which will increase your focus and energy. Nuts too can give you an energy boost. Opt for pine nuts, cashews or almonds which contain high levels of magnesium, known for it’s concentration-improving properties.

Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt and berries

The high protein content of greek yoghurt will help power you through the rest of the afternoon. To top that, it’s also been known to boost the decision-making part of the brain, helping you manage that tricky task you need to tackle. Bonus: Chuck in some berries; they reduce stress and help keep you mentally sharp.

Infused water

Infused Water

A common cause of fatigue? Dehydration. But don’t just reach for a regular glass of H20. Opt for an infused water instead for maximum energy-boosting benefits. Mix yours with citrus fruits like lemon, lime or orange. The high vitamin C content helps to decrease fatigue. See ya later slump!