Yikes! Gigi Hadid’s Core Workout Has Been Revealed And It’s As Intense As You’d Imagine

Her supermodel physique isn't just down to good genes.

Gigi Hadid

What does it take to look like a model? Well, while we’ve no doubt that some of the biggest names in the biz are born with that je ne sais quoi, there’s also no doubt that, just like the rest of us, those super-toned gals adorning the runway have to work at staying in shape.

And boy, one look at Gigi’s weekly workout routine reveals that she really does put the effort in when it comes to honing her killer abs.

Gigi Hadid 1

Revealing the grueling deets of her regular sweat sessions to Vogue, her trainer Rob Piela says a deadly combo of boxing, core-engaging floor exercises and a very low-sugar diet are responsible for sculpting her bod.

And there’s no lazy days for the supermodel either; she works her core at least four times a week.

So what exactly does she do? Well here’s her exact ab routine.

One to try during your next workout session perhaps?

Gigi’s Gym Routine

  • 10 minutes of boxing to warm up
  • 40 crunches x 3 sets
  • 10 minutes of high intensity boxing
  • 40 bicycle crunches x 3 sets
  • Another 10 minutes of boxing
  • Plank for 60 seconds
  • 25 Leg raises x 4 sets

Of course that’s only her abs. We can only imagine how hard she trains on leg day.

In fact, we’re sweating just thinking about it.


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