10 Irish Lads Tell Us Their Biggest Turn Ons – And Their Answers Are Surprising

We asked our lad mates what turns them on (So you don't have to).

Sexual Fantasies

“Outside of the bedroom, personality is always a huge turn on. If I can laugh with a girl or she can make me – and better still, my friends and family laugh – then that’s an automatic turn-on.”

Sean, 31

“In terms of body shape, I love a woman with a curvy ass. Something primal in me just goes mad.”

Dave, 24

“I tend to like women who are into women too, in some way. Not because I’d want a threesome, more that the girl-on-girl thing is an unknown for me and that makes me want her more.”

Colm, 28

“I do generally get off on rough sex so anything from spanking and hair tugging, to choking and being choked. Of course, it’s all within reason and I’d never do something the girl didn’t want to do.”

Marcus, 26

“If she is turned on during sex, that gets me going, no matter what we’re doing. When I know that what I, she or we are doing will most likely make her come, it drives me insane without question and makes my own orgasm way more intense.”

Dominic, 30

“My last girlfriend asked me to tie her up, and it wasn’t something I had tried before but I got just as much of a buzz from it as she did. When a girl is willing to push the boundaries with positions, role play and fantasies, and suggests things herself, that makes her irresistible to me.”

Shaun, 25

“This might sound weird but my fiancée is pregnant at the moment and I can’t get enough of her, I think it’s the excitement of knowing she’s growing our kid plus the fact that she is just alive with happiness.”

Joey, 33

“My girlfriend came off the Pill last year, and when we’re not using condoms I usually pull out a bit early and she takes me in her mouth. When I’m that close to coming, having her lick and suck me is enough to make me explode.”

Gary, 28

“I have a thing for red-headed women. They can be so sexy! I love curly hair too. I curse the hair straighteners. Natural Irish beauty is really hot.”

Patrick, 35

“Every once in a while my girlfriend unexpectedly sends me a massively dirty text message during the day, and it gets me instantly hot for her. She’s usually pretty chilled out in that regard, so to hear her talk about exactly what she wants me to do to her that night is a big turn-on.”

Ben, 30

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