10 Major Moments We Won’t Forget From Season 3 Of Selling Sunset

Is it too soon to binge watch it again?


We can’t believe it’s August already, but we were so happy that series three of Selling Sunset came around in no time! Having watched the first two seasons over lockdown like the rest of the country, we knew that once season three landed we’d binge it in one weekend and boy, it did not disappoint.


Both the drama and glamour were greater than ever before and with a shock divorce, a wedding and everything in between, we’re reliving the top 10 moments we want to re-watch again until season four drops.

1. Christine’s Birthday Party

What’s a birthday without some tarot cards and fighting? Christine’s birthday dinner was an event to remember at the start of the season. First we had the tarot card reader who must have mixed up Christine with someone else when she said she hated drama and then called Davina “weird”.  Then, we had the drama with Mary because awful timing is key for these ladies when it comes to bringing up their beef. Amanza certainly enjoyed the event though, because it gave her an opportunity to call Christine out for calling Mary a “f**king idiot”, and as usual seemed to care a little more than Mary did.

2. Mary’s fertility check

We love a happy couple story and although Mary and Romain did have their own share of drama this season, they made a significant step in their relationship. Mary got her fertility checked in case they decide to have a child, which made for a very cute conversation when she revealed to an excited Romain that she was a “fertile myrtle”. Will season 4 bring another SS baby?

3. Amanza and Heather’s duo

Speaking of good matches, the unlikely pair of Amanza and Heather proved that they could put the past behind them when they were put on a job together and they really made it happen! Remodelling a house, selling it and even laughing together, these two definitely put their past dramas behind them which is good to see because we are liking this friendship.

4. Amanza’s first sale

We were all rooting for Amanza to sell her house especially after seeing how precious her children are! When she finally got to ring that bell it was definitely a high point of the season, and a nice commission for her bank account.


5. Chrishell’s divorce


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From a high point to a low point, Chrishell’s shocking divorce was definitely the tear jerker of the season. Seeing her go from praising her now ex-husband Justin Hartley every day to being so broken hearted when he filed for divorce with no warning was hard to watch. We were heartbroken for her as we watched, but also so impressed by how strong of a woman she is to go through that on TV.
Certainly not easy!

We’re hoping season 4 brings all the good for her!

6. Chrishell’s new house

From moving into a hotel room to her new unfurnished house covered in curtains to keep out the paparazzi , seeing Chrishell’s new home come together at the end of the season was a real reflection of things to come for her on a lighter note. The bright airy house with views of Hollywood and a fab ceiling was the perfect end to a turbulent season for our girl.

7. Christine being a BOSS

As controversial as Christine can be, there was one moment in particular in this series which left everyone on her side. Christine stood up to the egotistic home owner that Davina was selling for when he refused to answer her questions about the house.

The owner was very rude to Christine, dismissing her question and trying to make her feel small, but of course Christine is never one to be pushed around. In a badass, but still professional way she shut him down and left him knowing who was the boss. We have to stan that girl power.

H’on Christine.

8. Christine’s outfits

Always a spectacle, Christine had some outrageously fab outfits that only she could pull off this season. Neon green was a colour trend throughout and although we could never imagine our local estate agent wearing any of these, she made it work so well that we didn’t even question it. And let’s not forget her wedding dresses, yes, plural. Sexy maleficent bride vibes, but it totally worked for her.

9. The Versace house

We love seeing inside all of these amazing houses, but the Versace style mansion left us in awe. It looked like something that was taken straight from The Great Gatsby. From watching setons three, we could just imagine the pool parties it held in it’s day.

Oh, what we’d give to roam around the mansions of LA… maybe we should get into real estate…

10. THE wedding

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Need we say more? Black dress(es), swans, snow (extreme snow), winter wonderland meets gothic bride, it couldn’t have been more Christine and we were lapping it up.

Also, the coincidental catch of the bouquet by Heather and now she’s engaged! Of course it wouldn’t be a Selling Sunset wedding without some drama, so poor Chrishell was left leaving the party in tears after Davina decided to say she can’t support her because there are “two sides to every story”, hmm… we aren’t sure that one will be forgiven easily.

Phew, that really was a jam packed season, wasn’t it? We are just waiting for the news of a season 4 pick up now; it’s just what we need to look forward to now.

Words: Jade Carpenter


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