10 Of The Best Lessons We’ve Learned From Queer Eye

It's hard to imagine a life without the Fab Five, tbh.


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To describe Queer Eye as a makeover show would be a bit of an insult to the Fab Five and everyone involved, right? Because let’s be real here, it’s SO much more than that. I’d argue that it’s possibly the most heartwarming show available, you just can’t fault it. After bingeing the fifth (happy) tear-jerking season, it seemed only right to pay a little tribute to the Fab Five and the Heroes, by rounding up what we’ve learned from Antoni, Tan, Karamo, Bobby, and Jonathan. From life lessons to quick tips. Yas, Queen!

Confidence goes a long way

Throwing it back to the very first episode (and possibly the best!?), where we met Tom Jackson, a 58-year-old from Georgia, who was still madly in love with his ex-wife, Abby. Tom was under the impression that ‘you can’t fix ugly’, and right there and then he broke our hearts. Thanks to the Fab Five, who gave him much-needed confidence in everything from cooking to fashion, you could literally see how Tom began to carry himself differently, and that a little confidence in yourself can go a long way. We see this in almost each episode, so the proof is in the pudding. Hearing that Tom and Abi eventually got back together was really the cherry on top, OUR HEARTS.

How to home-proof your lilies

We all know lilies are gorge, but if you’ve ever suffered from one of their pollen stains, you may be a bit put off, which reminds me of a run-in with a lily and a white jumper. Cue, Bobby’s top tip. The anther of the lily is the culprit here, it releases the pollen which can stain your counters, the wall, your clothes, pretty much everything. So Bobby recommends that once you bring your lilies home, grab a tissue and gently pull the anther from the inside of the flower. Voila! No more yellow pollen stains.


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Style doesn’t have to be uncomfortable

This can be a common misconception. That the very comfiest of clothes basically have no shape, look thrown together and slightly sloppy. Here’s where Tan comes in, to show you that whatever your age, shape, style or preference, you can feel both comfortable and stylish. Take Mary and Deborah of Jones Bar-B-Q from season three. They were both extremely hesitant to try new looks over their go-to leggings and baggy t-shirts, but Tan offered up his own tips and tricks so that they could dress to meet their comfort level both physically and mentally. All while reminding them that they’re gonna look amazing no matter what.

Tan’s French Tuck

While we’re chatting about Tan’s talents, we can’t forget about the French Tuck. The French tuck is simply the art of tucking in a shirt at the very front while leaving the back loose and untucked at the sides. Pretty simple, but sometimes it can take a bit of a nack. Now, we’re not saying he invented it BUT… Check it out below.

It’s okay to ask for what you need

In season four, we saw our dear JVN talk to Deanna about life while she’s in the hairdresser’s seat. She discussed her Mexican-American upbringing and how her father taught her never to ask for more than she needs, and of course, Jonathan said all the right things. JVN reminded her, and all of us who were watching, that no matter who you are, who you love, where you’re from, or anything else, it’s always okay to ask for what you need, and it’s equally okay to need to ask for help.

Dealing with social anxiety

Speaking of saying all the right things, enter Karamo, the ever so wise and gorgeous man that he is. In season three, he suggested that if you struggle with social anxiety, try the Buddy System. That is, to have someone there (a buddy, basically) to support you through difficult situations, whether that’s just to check in on you or to know when you need your space.

Family isn’t only based on DNA

Another throwback to season three, where we met Jess, who was struggling after her family cast her aside because of her sexual orientation. We’ve heard similar stories in Queer Eye before, and each is as heartbreaking as the next. Thankfully, Tan was there to remind Jess that sometimes it’s our chosen family, rather than our actual relatives, who make the biggest difference in our lives. Tan helped Jess remember that her friend of almost a decade is the who has helped her get as far as she has, and that family isn’t always based on DNA, but love. Love that.


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Spruce up rented walls

We’ve all been there, or, are still there right now, in a rented apartment or house that you can’t really put your own stamp on to make your own. Bobby suggests one simple way to spruce up the walls of your rented home, self-adhesive wallpaper. You can easily put it up yourself, simply peel it off when you’re leaving and you won’t lose any of your deposit. Ideal.

Spice up your margaritas

Fancy putting your own spin on homemade margaritas? Antoni has the perfect tip, of course. Add some jalapenos to the mix for a spicy kick, or if you’re a fan of coriander (or cilantro, as Antoni calls it) you can pop a sprinkle of that in too.

Being yourself shouldn’t offend anyone

Remember AJ in season one who rocked that leather harness? AJ was struggling with coming out to his family, and embracing his true identity. But Tan reminded him that the people who love him would never and should never be offended by him being who he is, hence rocking the leather harness. So rather than shying away because of society’s expectations and labels, the Fab Five thought AJ (and the audience, for that matter) to embrace who he really is.


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