12 No-Fuss Halloween Costumes For Girls Who Don’t Do Halloween

Your gal pals are dragging you out for the night and you want a deadly costume without the effort. Easy, we're digging these twelve...

Here at Stellar HQ, we freaking love Halloween. You get to play dress-up, and eat loads of sweets—awesome. Of course, we know you still want to look good on the night with minimal fuss, and you certainly don’t want to spend a fortune on some costume you’ll probably never wear again either.

So here are twelve that are super simple to put together…

1. Tom Cruise in Risky Business


Possibly the laziest lazy-girl costume of them all — you technically don’t even have to wear shoes. YAY. Grab your man’s button-down shirt, your old cheerleading shorts, a pair of white socks, and some Wayfarers, and slide right into the party in style.

2. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly

Be Holly Golightly for one night. Who wouldn’t want to be brazen and très fou? Her iconic Givenchy dress can be mimicked with nearly any clingy black jersey dress, some black kitten heel pumps, a 60’s updo, cigarette holder, diamonds and a nameless cat.

3. Ice Bucket Challenge


Yes, we are being serious, this is a real costume. It comes with a bucket with faux water film, a tunic with faux ice cubes, and a real ice cube tray that you can wield. Morto at the thought of it? Don’t be; everyone will be high-fiving you, but we can’t guarantee you won’t get a few liquids thrown at you too!

4. Rock Paper Scissors

If you’re in the market for a great group costume, why not take your fave childhood game to the next level? This costume is easy to make and is budget-friendly for those ladies who don’t have a ton to spend. Just be prepared to get challenged to play the game all night long.

5. Kim Kardashian breaking the internet


If you’re a Kardashian fan you could mimic Kim’s infamous Paper Magazine cover by wearing a sparkly strapless gown with a choker Just add a bottle of champers. Bonus point: you might get another wear out of the dress if you’re lucky.

6. Uma Thurman – Pulp Fiction


You’ll already have everything at home you’ll need for Mia Wallace…well almost. Find a white button down shirt and black pants. Get yourself a black bob hairstyle wig and dribble blood from your nose, like in the scene during the overdose. If you’re extreme, look for a plunger and attach it to your shirt.

7. Gold Digger


Simply dress in all gold or spray paint your clothes gold for a DIY project — and accessorize with a shovel and helmet. Too easy.

Everyone’s favourite fashion uncle, Karl Lagerfeld makes a très chic costume for both guys and gals, and that’s not just because you get to wear a white old-timey powdered wig.

10. Cereal Killer


Up the creep factor by wearing an all-white t-shirt, pinning on mini cereal boxes, and splashing on some red paint for the ultimate massacre. Although be warned other party-goers may run for the hills when you enter the room!

11. Lady Gaga


This one’s sure to be everywhere this year — you’ll be able to find a huge variety of Gaga costumes, not to mention all the wigs, masks, and jewelry she’s inspired. Don’t hold back with this one; do Gaga proud!