13 Deadly Halloween Costumes To Do With Your BFFs

Don't wanna dress up on your own this Halloween? Enlist the help of your bestie and rock one of these duo or group costumes instead...

What’s one creepy Shining twin without the other? Or Batman without Robin? Like most things in life, Halloween is more fun with a friend – or five. Maybe they’re your best friend or your significant other or just some rando who really really wants to buddy up; whatever the case this Halloween, we’ve got loads of costume ideas for you and your buddy, so take a look and get majorly inspired.

1. Batman And Robin

batman and robin

The best part about superheroes? You can always add one in, if another friend wants to join. But regardless of whether or not Super Girl or Catwoman makes an appearance, everyone knows that there’s no bond stronger than that of Batman and Robin.

2. 2 Broke Girls


If you and your BFF just can’t get over the antics of Max and Caroline, you should consider dressing up in their signature Williamsburg Diner attire. Or just want to pull off a waitress outfit in general? You might opt for some 3-inch red heels, since you won’t actually be waiting tables.

3. TLC in the Creep Video


This one’s simple. Grab two of your besties, turn up TLC’s Waterfalls and jump into your oversized PJs and you’re good to go!

4. Dancing girls emoji


This is one of our absolute fave emojis, so we obviously adore this costume idea. It’s so easy too! All you need is black leotards, black flats, and a pair of tights so you don’t freeze. The black bow headbands are a really cute touch. Make sure your pal is nearby all night so you two can strike this pose whenever it’s necessary.

5. Serena and Blair From Gossip Girl


It would be pretty tough to copy Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen’s actual looks from the hit show Gossip Girl (we mean, they wear Oscar de la Renta and Chanel to high school), but you can still channel these Upper East Side school girls with some classic accessories — pearls and a headband for B and a short skirt and loose tie for S. Remember to be constantly bickering, so feel free to get into a catfight (and make up immediately, obviously).

6. Sophia Grace and Rosie


Who wouldn’t want to dress up as Ellen’s two adorable little prodigies, Sophia Grace and Rosie? Get yourself Ellen shirts, pink pants, elaborate tutus, princess crowns, Converse sneakers and microphones. This will be even more authentic if one of you has blonde hair and the other one has dark.

7. Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story


Woody and Buzz always had each other’s backs; so we’re calling this the ultimate BFF attire. Friendship FTW!

8. Cher and Dionne from Clueless


We <3 this idea!  Get ’90s chic with plaid skirts, blazers, knee socks, platforms and giant cell phones. And who doesn’t wanna channel the most stellar style duo of all time?

9. The Fox and The Hound


Aw, remember this cartoon?! It really is an adorable idea. These costumes are perfect for even the laziest gal; all you need is white pants or shorts with an orange or brown shirt and some faux fur. Make these even more authentic with cute animal ears, tails and make-up. Too easy!

10. The Shining Twins


It’s original and perfectly creepy for Halloween. Get blue and white dresses and splatter lots of fake blood all over them. Wear knee socks, black Mary-Jane flats and hair clips, and make sure your eyes look dead all night… or y’know, just get special contact lenses.

11. Three Blind Mice


This costume is perfect for a group of three. Create your own canes, grab a headband with mouse ears, and throw on a black outfit and you’re set. You never know who you will run into at the Halloween party, so don’t forget the sunglasses.

12. Wayne and Garth From Wayne’s World


This movie is timeless, and you’ll have mighty craic as this famous TV duo. Don’t forget to ask people if they want to come to your basement and be a guest star on your show. At some point you’re going to have to sing Bohemian Rhapsody.

13. Piper and Alex


Sure, Piper and Alex have their moments. Mortal enemies, lovers, best friends… well, they’ve had every title available. They also make a great, cute costume for you and your best friend. All you need are some orange or khaki prison scrubs, a pair of glasses for Alex, and a mountain of bad ideas for Piper (and possibly a screwdriver). Sorted.

By Jennifer Conway.