19 Things You Didn’t Know About Angela Scanlon

The TV presenter reveals her deepest, darkest secrets...


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My earliest memory is a family holiday to Trabolgan. 

If I had to pick one career highlight, my show Ask Me Anything is right up there. To get my own Saturday night chat show on RTÉ One is just crazy. It was supposed to happen in March [of 2020] so when the pandemic happened and production had to stop, I was gutted as this show was such a highlight. None of us were sure it was even coming back so the fact it’s finally here is so exciting.

If I had to pick one Irish person in media who inspires me, I’d say Imelda May. I adore her, her openness and honestly and gloriously mad streak. Everyone needs to read her poetry! 

My favourite season of the year would definitely be autumn. It matches my hair!

My three dream celebrity dinner party guests would be Colm Toibin, Joanna Lumley and Oprah, of course.


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I studied business in college! I used it when I worked as a stylist and have always been drawn to the business side of things. Launching my jewellery line FRKL definitely tested some of those old lessons!

My favourite smell would be any scent by VYRO. Or just essential oil.

My childhood nicknames were Redser, Muscles and Pebbles

I’ve never had any pets. 

The best place I’ve ever visited was India! Roy and I got engaged there and it is such a magical place. I think given the fact we haven’t been able to travel has made me really appreciate and also long for far-flung, exotic places. 

I love comedy, my favourite comedian would be… There’s too many to name just one! Roisin Conaty, Aisling Bea, Jo Brand and Katherine Ryan are brilliant.


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My hopes for 2022 are to have a healthy baby and some decent sleep!

The TV series I last binged was The Morning Show! Jennifer Anniston and Reece Witherspoon are sublime and it feels like a documentary. 

My style icons would be The Olsen twins. They can do no wrong, and I love Chloe Sevigny for pregnancy style.

Rather than tea or coffee, I love drinking cacao! And matcha. I also love all the mushroom powders for a hit without the crash. 

My favourite band is The Cure. 


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My lucky number is 7.

My favourite Spice Girl was always Ginger. For obvious reasons!

My favourite pint would be half a Guinness from Grogan’s. Chuck in a toastie and I’ll die happy!

Angela Scanlon’s Ask Me Anything is on RTÉ One, Saturdays at 10pm.