19 Things You Didn’t Know About Doireann Garrihy

Turkish Delight, anyone?


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We chatted to the broadcaster and impressionist as she reveals her deepest, darkest secrets to STELLAR.

“I was a Billie Barry kid for 10 years from when I was 5 – 15. I loved it, but never made it onto the Toy Show which will be a lifelong regret of mine!

I’m left-handed.

When we were kids, my sisters Aoibhin and Ailbhe were constantly trying to convince my parents to have another baby. I went completely nuts whenever they suggested it; I firmly believe my parents would have tried for a fourth baby if I hadn’t been such a diva.

I will eat anything – any type of fish, snails, strange sauces… but I will not eat Turkish Delight. The Devil’s food.

I can’t sleep with two pillows. It’s just too high! One pillow all the way.

My friends and I flew to Greece once summer to go island hopping. We arrived in Athens and heard that the next day was ‘Irish Day’ on Ios, so we went there and stayed for the full 5 weeks. Didn’t hop to any other island!

I have a scar on my knee that I’ve had since I was eight; I tumbled off my bike coming down a very steep hill on the Aran Islands.

I wrote my college thesis on Beyoncé. The title was ‘The Ways In Which Beyoncé Knowles Challenges And Perpetuates Stereotypes Of African American Womanhood.’ I have no idea what conclusion I came to. I just know that I was watching her music videos in the library. 

I love people, but I love my alone time more. My family have me sussed, and know exactly when to let me be. 

My favourite Leaving Cert subject was Classical Studies. I had a teacher who would animate all of the drama by jumping up on tables and rolling around on the floor.


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I had my first glass of wine the day I finished the Leaving Cert. A glass of Pinot Grigio if I’m not mistaken!

I am shockingly bad at keeping on top of things like remembering to pay me E-flow, unsubscribing from things I no longer use… If my Mom could murder me for being so bad at that stuff and get away with it, she would.

I would choose sparkling water over fizzy drink any day.

I once flipped my car on the M7. I lost control on an icy January morning, en route from Dublin to Ennis. The car did two flips, and I got out without a scratch. 

I pretend to hate it when my Mom is brutally honest with me but really, I’m grateful for it. I’ll always initially be annoyed, but thank her later.

Sometimes I think about how pure dogs are and I can’t actually cope. We simply don’t deserve them.

I rarely tie up my hair, even if I’m in my pyjamas at home. It looks better down, and bobbins give me headaches.

I have always been slagged for having terrible handwriting, but I like to see it as a sign that I’m creative.

I thoroughly enjoyed coming up with these 19 things!”


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