19 Things You Didn’t Know About Erica Cody

The DWTS star tells STELLAR all her deepest, darkest secrets...


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I failed my theory test first time round. Got there in the end!

I’m really not a fan of peas.

I was the first black girl to play Nancy in our Oliver Twist play in my primary school.

I’m an original Billie Barrie musical theatre kid.

I once had a rescue retired racehorse called Rahearney. I’m from Raheny in Dublin… geddit?!

I have two rescue dogs, they’re Collie x Dalmation pooches.


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I adore animals. My dream job was to be a vet growing up, but then I found a microphone and the rest is history!

My first job was in my local pet store. It taught me that snakes are great, it’s hamsters that are intimidating.

I met President Mary McAleese when I was seven years old and she said she loved my braids.

President Michael D Higgins had me perform at his Garden Party last spring in Aras an Uachtaran.

Speaking of Michael D Higgins, my old Bernese Mountain dog went on a play date with his Bernese Mountain dogs Brod and Sioda!

It took me three years to win the talent show in my secondary school. Again, got there in the end!


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I used to play super league basketball for more than three years, and considered moving to the States to play on a college basketball scholarship. 

My dad used to play basketball against Michael Jordan. He’s from North Carolina, and moved to Ireland in the 80s to play the game here.

I had the honour of giving Mr Tayto a lap dance to one of my songs for his 65th birthday in Copper Face Jacks.

Yes, it’s true. This is my natural hair!

I’m black AND Irish… how cool is that?

My first support slot gig I played was for Wiz Kid when I was 16. I’m 24 now, and I’ve also supported the legendary En Vogue.

I chose the song Dreams that we recorded as part of Irish Women in Harmony.