19 Things You Didn’t Know About Niamh O’Sullivan

Foodie and sustainability blogger Niamh shares her deepest, darkest secrets with STELLAR.


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I have two left feet. If my life depended on it, I wouldn’t be able to bop to a beat.

I detest celery. I can taste it even when it’s chopped in its tiniest form – it makes me gag.

I can’t let my eyes drop for half a second in a car without feeling motion sickness,

I played volleyball for Ireland when I was in secondary school, and I actually have two caps!

My stomach is abnormally weak. A bad smell or a weird taste and I could vomit.

Unfortunately for me, I’m quite accident-prone. I don’t think I ever really grew into myself to be honest!


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Five years ago, I accidentally turned on a blender while my left index finger was diving in for a tase… It ended as badly as you can imagine.

My great (x5) Granddad started Flahavan’s many moons ago. My uncle John runs the show now and I’m so proud to call it the family business.

I get along better with dogs who have human names. My two are Geoff and Harry. I also used to own a boxer named Rachel!

I did a mix of business and IT in college, I was actually pretty good at coding.

Cleaning and tidying is the most therapeutic activity for me.Β 

I believe without a shadow of a doubt that the law of attraction is real.


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Pretty much everything is too spicy for me… potato wedges from the garage? Yeah, they make me sweat.

I wish I wasn’t, but I’m a serious hypochondriac. With every ache and pain, I expect death!

I can solve three sides of a Rubix cube.

I am one of the most untidy people I’ve ever come across, but I know exactly where everything is…

My first car was older than me. A 1990 Honda Civic, it’s vintage as of this year!

Good luck finding someones as inflexible as me, I can just about stretch my arms past my knees.

I have an insanely accurate memory. I’ll never forget a face, or a random conversation from a decade ago!

Interview by Vicki Notaro

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