18 Things You Didn’t Know About Roz Purcell

The author, cook and creator of The Hike Life tells STELLAR her deepest darkest secrets...


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I travelled through the Ecuadorian Amazon for three weeks when I was 15 (alone!) whilst on a learning scholarship in Ecuador.

I have a photo with Ludacris in Singapore when I was doing a photoshoot and he asked could he have a pic with me – LOL!

I have a scar above and below my right eye from an Alsation biting me – it was my fault for petting him while he was eating.

My favourite holiday ever was in Northern Italy, hiking the Dolomites.

My favourite book ever is The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton.

I’ve watched all of Curb Your Enthusiasm three times.


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My biggest fear is flying, even though I do it. There have been times when I haven’t got on flights because I just didn’t feel right about it.

If I could be good at anything in the world, I would pick surfing.

I believe in ghosts – and while we’re here, I have been ghosted about eight times.

I have to go to bed kind of semi-full or I’ll wake up hungry and not be able to sleep.

I need an hourly plan written out for the next day before I go to bed.


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My dream is to live in a cabin in the woods with an army of animals; kunekune pigs (do yourself a favour and google them – Ed), dogs, cats and hens.

I have an affinity for house music which my boyfriend slags me for.

I am the youngest out of three girls. I always wished I had a brother (as well as my sisters, I wouldn’t trade one in!)

My favourite treats growing up were chipsticks, fizzy colas, and apple drops.

I have never had a filling in my teeth which is shocking considering all the sweets I used to eat.

I had a cat called Shelly and a dog called Elkie growing up who were best friends, and the cat would sleep on Elkie at night.

I hate wine. When I was 11 on French exchange I drank loads and had the worst hangover of my life. I still haven’t got over it. 


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