41% Of Guys Want You To Answer This Super Personal Question On A First Date

But would you answer it?

Couple on a first date

First dates are always nerve-wrecking. Whether it’s a guy you matched with on Tinder, someone you met in a club or a blind date set up by your bestie, you can be sure the person sitting opposite you will be geared up with a whole host of questions, in a bid to get to know you better.

First date fodder typically includes questions like where do you work, do you have any brothers or sisters or what do you get up to in your spare time, but according to dating app Zoosk there’s one slightly more prying question that 41% guys are happy to ask a gal on a first date, and it’s are you willing or unwilling to have kids?

In a survey of 5,000 people the app found that it was one of the most popular things guys wanted to find out in that initial meeting.

A quick office poll revealed that most of the girls here at STELLAR towers find the question a little too much for a first date. “It’s a bit confronting,” says editorial assistant Jennifer. “Not really the sort of serious topic I’d want to be discussing over a couple of glasses of wine, really.”

While another staffer says it would definitely make her uncomfortable. “To be honest, I’m not really ready to give up something so personal to someone I’ve only met.”

Not all of us reckon it’s inappropriate though. “I really don’t see the problem,” ‘fesses our social media assistant Ciara. “Sure, it might be a teeny bit weird, but it shows they really like you and they’re potentially in it for the long haul, and not just a fling.”

What do you think and more importantly would you answer it?


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