4 Fitness Blogger Transformations That Will Give You Major Fitspo

Motivation lagging? These amazing bloggers' body transformations will help get your fitness regime back on track.

Have you ever looked at glossy pics of supermodels (Victoria’s Secret angels, we’re looking at you) and felt more motivated to tuck into a tub of ice-cream than to hit the gym? Supermodel bods can seem majorly unachievable, and in turn they can do more harm than good if we’re on a mission to get fit and healthy.

But that’s where some of our favourite fitness bloggers come in. They prove, that a) you don’t need supermodel genes to look and feel body confident, and b) no matter what your starting point, following a healthy diet and exercise regime can help you achieve anything.

How can we be sure that what they blog truly works? Well, they’ve done it themselves. Here are our top five Irish fitness blogger transformations that motivate us to hit the gym.

1. Siobhan O’Hagan

Siobhan oh Fitness

“If you had told the girl on the left (in Nov 2014) it was possible to look like the girl on the right (today),” writes Siohbhan O’Hagan, blogger and Instagrammer @ohfitness.ie, “she wouldn’t have believed you. Especially since I was killing myself in the gym and eating ‘ok’. My whole attitude to life has changed completely!” Siobhan’s aim? To show others they can do the same.

2. Alma AKA Fit Dental Mom


This fit gal has a jam-packed life, from being a mum to working as a dental hygienist, she is constantly on the go. But she always makes sure to fit in her rigorous workout regimes and a healthy diet too, and judging by her before and after pics, it’s certainly paying off.

3. Joanne Larby


Joanne’s fitness journey is majorly inspiring. In just a few short months she has completely transformed her bod. How did she do it? Through a combo of cardio and weight training and a healthy diet. You go girl!

4. Aisling AKA The Super Fit Foodie

the superfitfoodie

Aisling toned up her already slim frame. How does she feel after her transformation? “It’s not purely because I think I look better but it’s because I feel better physically and mentally, from eating healthier and exercising.”