5 Healthy Lunches That Are Perfect For Bringing To Work

Forget stodgy old sambos. These yummy lunch ideas are perfectly portable, and seriously healthy too.

Did you know we spend an average of €125,000 eating out for lunch over our lifetime? And with every restaurant or store-bought meal (sandwiches, we’re looking at you!) we consume around an extra 200 calories? 

That means going old-school and bringing a packed lunch to the office, is both great for your wallet and for your waistline.

But what to eat? You’ll need something super satisfying; think high-protein and low-cal, that you can pop in a plastic container or jar, to scoff in-office.

Here’s what we’re having…

Spicy sweet potato salad

Sweet potato salad

Thanks to their high-fibre content sweet potato will help regulate your blood sugar throughout the day, meaning you won’t be reaching for a naughty treat by 3.30. Got leftovers? This dish will also work as a side meal at dinner.

Rainbow protein jar salad

Rainbow protein salad

Mason jar salads are all the rage, not just cos they look seriously pretty, but also because they’re a practical way to transport your lunch from kitchen to office. This one combines grilled chicken, sunflower seeds, chickpeas and peppers. Delish.

Avocado and hummus flatbreads

Avocado and hummus flatbreads

This no-cook lunch is a go-to in the STELLAR office. Combining a little carb, healthy fats and protein, it’s great for keeping our grumbling tummies satisfied until dinner. Top with seeds or grilled chicken for an extra punch of protein.

Chillli bowl

Chilli bowl

With only 329 calories per serving and a whopping 23g of protein, this hearty chilli bowl is a dream if you’re looking to lean up. We say, make a large batch at the start of the week, and reheat in the office as required.

5-minute spicy Asian salad

Spicy Asian salad

Anything we can rustle up in record time is a winner with us, and this yummy Asian salad – as the name suggests – takes only five minutes to make. Oh, and it’s gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, low carb and paleo-friendly, to boot. We reckon, it’ll be the envy of the office.