5 Things: Here’s What Team STELLAR Is Loving This Week

Pumpkin spice vibes galore.

Crunchy leave season is in session and we’re so excited for Halloween movies, sweatshirts, scarfs, mini uggs, hot coffee and autumn vibes… again! Here’s just hoping the rain stays away, right? RIGHT?

Our current October issue starring Amy Huberman is on shelves nationwide now and lads, tis a BEAUT! If you’ve ever wanted to get hyped for the AW22 season, this issue will be your BFF. From seasonal and transitional fashion to beauty and all things cosy, the magazine is a warm hug, and all for €2.20!

But, enough about that now, more about what we’re loving this week. Head of Digital Denise and STELLAR intern Rebekah are here to share all they’re liking, loving and lusting over!


Denise is loving… Birkenstock Boston clogs


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Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s her stunning clogs. They’re like marmite, granted, but I’m weak at the knees. I bought a pair of these bad boys in April on a whim and now that all the fash pack are wearing them (plus, impossible to get online!) I feel like I’ve won the style stakes and you’ll finally see me wearing mine with confidence.


Rebekah is loving… a trip to the cinema! 

One to watch for movie lovers: Three Thousand Years of Longing’ by director George Miller is an eccentric, and mind bending whirlwind of imagination and fantasy. The film, which stars big names Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton in its leading roles, follows lonely scholar Alithea Binnie, played by Tilda Swinton, as she introduces us to a Djinn, played by Elba, who will offer three wishes in order to gain their freedom. The audience is invited into a world of history and folklore that will both tantalize and excite.


Denise is loving… Kinara Kitchen’s new bar bites menu 


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I love a tapas style menu no matter what the occasion and Kinara Kitchen’s new menu on a Wednesday evening takes the concept of tapas with irresistible Pakistani cuisine alongside cocktails to match each dish. I mean, can you get any better?

Every Wednesday the new Cocktails and Bites menu with mixologist, Paul Lambert will be serving dishes such as homemade samosas, kurkuri machli and mixed vegetables alongside cocktails of creamy hazelnut espresso martinis, mango and hibiscus bellinis to name but a few.


Rebekah is loving (and bopping along to)… Anne Marie and Aitch’s new collab 

New to the charts this week is a collab between pop star Anne Marie, and mega rapper Aitch, with a song titled ‘Psycho’ which is sure to give you all the vibes, with a call-back to classic hit ‘Mambo Number 5’ by Lou Bega. Anne Marie has been teasing fans with this banger for months on TikTok, and now I know what I’ll be listening to on the drive home!


Patrick is loving… the new Fitbit Versa 3

With the warmer weather I feel like my sleep pattern has been all over the place but with the Fitbit I’m finally able to keep better track of things.

They’ve just introduced Sleep Profile for premium members which gives you your very own fun animal character! Sleep Profile examines 10 metrics, including new ones like time before sound sleep, disrupted sleep and bedtime consistency. It also compares your trends to what’s typical for your age and gender to help find areas for improvement. You just wear it for 14 nights in a calendar month and you’re given an animal character that most closely mirrors your sleeping style! This could be a giraffe, bear, hedgehog or parrot! This fortnight apparently I’m a hedgehog, meaning I’m a light sleeper who falls asleep later. Check out more info on www.fitbit.com

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