5 Things To Do At Electric Picnic 2023 That Don’t Involve Music

Hair technology tent, anyone?

via Aisling Bea / Rise Nordic Spa

What’s the best thing about Electric Picnic? we hear you cry. It is, without doubt, the tunes.

This year’s festival lineup is chock full of incredible artists including Billie Eilish, The Killers, Niall Horan, MUNA, Ethel Cain, Fred Again, and so, so many more.

And while there are definitely people out there who’re going to spend their entire Stradbally weekend perched by the main stage, chances are you’re going to want a little break from the music at some point.

Luckily, EP boasts a whole host of other fun, cool things for you to do that don’t actually involve tunes. Here are some that you can do yourself.

1. Frequent the comedy tent

Ah, the safe haven for anyone feeling just a bit fragile after approximately nine cans of Orchard Thieves… or those who just enjoy to laugh, really.

This year’s comedy lineup includes the hilarious Aisling Bea, Foil, Arms and Hog, Russell Kane, Emma Doran, Tony Cantwell, Anna Clifford, and more.


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2. Head to the theatre

Take your seats because the show is about to begin… the EP show that is a performance but has nothing to do with music, that is.

Returning for its second year, The Theatre will play host to spectacular performances and groups including Ballet Ireland, The Irish National Opera, Dreamgun Film Reads, and even Cabaret.

EP favourite, The Theatre of Food, is also back for another year, featuring demos and chats from Holly White, the Dough Bros, Daddy’s, Winelab, and many more.

3. Get your hair done

Electric Picnic may once again run the risk of being a total wash out (hey, its Ireland), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get absolutely drowned while sporting a curly blowdry.

Dyson are the official Headphones and Hair Technology partner (yes, it’s a thing) of this year’s festival, and they’ll be running a special Styling Zone in the Pink Moon campsite where attendees can book in for some dry styling across the weekend.

Spots are currently all taken, but walk-ins will be permitted.


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4. Go for a swim in the lake

If you can find it, that is.

Name something that sounds better than being sleep deprived and hungover and striping off and jumping right into a freezing lake? You can’t.

The lake is nestled in the surroundings of the Stradbally Hall estate and is sure to refresh even the most avid festival goer. Grab your togs, girls.

5. Chill in a hot tub

Or if cold water isn’t your thing, why not spend a few hours submerged in the warm embrace of a wood fired hot tub?

Head to the Warmth and Relax area to cleanse your pores, stimulate circulation, and detoxify your body… and if you’re brave enough, dunk yourself in an ice bath afterwards.

You’ll be like a new woman.


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