5 Ways To Have More Money At The End Of The Month

Need to get through the month without finding yourself flat broke and rummaging through your handbag for loose change? Here’s how.

girl with an empty wallet

It’s three weeks since you got paid, and you’ve got the fear. Fear of checking your bank balance that is. You’ve been eating out, shopping, socialising and spending like there’s no tomorrow, and now, you haven’t got enough money to last you until tomorrow. Damn. So, what’s a gal to do? Stretching out your pay cheque doesn’t mean calling off your social life, placing a ban on your Saturday shopping spree and suddenly embracing a hermit-style lifestyle. Oh no, you can still be money savvy and have a life. Here’s how…

1. Make a list

Uh, it may seem a tad obvious; but here’s the kicker: making a list really will help you to pinpoint what’s draining your money. Keep a spending record for a week and jot down all of your expenditures. Are you spending a small fortune on takeaway cups of coffee or overpaying on your groceries every week? Aim to cut out (or least cut down) on any non-essential items, and track your spending for a couple of weeks afterwards. A few small tweaks here and there could make a big difference.

2. Shop wisely

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of retail therapy but when you’re hitting the shops, you should have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. Be savvy about where you shop too. Could you get that item cheaper somewhere else? Sites like eBay and Depop are great for nabbing a bargain. Remember to Google search for discount codes before making an online purchase, too. You could save yourself a small fortune.

3. Open a savings account

This one is paramount. Even if you’re just putting aside €50 or €100 a month, put aside something. Set up a monthly direct debit for the day you get paid; once that money is out of your account you won’t be able to spend it. #smart.

4. Go to the ATM

There’s nothing worse than checking your account and realising you were the most generous person in the pub the night before. Instead, work out how much you need for your night out, take it out of the ATM, and leave the card at home.  The same goes for shopping; take your budget out in cash and you’ll be much less likely to overspend.

5. Pack a lunch

With all the gorgeous restaurants and cafes around the place nowadays, it’s hard to resist the temptation of eating out. But even popping out for that daily coffee adds up. Damn. Do a shop at the beginning of the week instead, plan out your meals and bring your lunch into work with you, and according to research you could save up to €1,300 a year. More money for shoes, eh?