6 Irish Fitness Bloggers You Need To Follow On Instagram For Awesome #Fitspiration

Need a little motivation to get you moving? We've got six of the best Instagrammers from the #Irishfitfam to take inspo from, so your gym experience can be a bit more great than gruesome. You're welcome!

Trying to get fit without forking out for a personal trainer? Relax: it turns out that there might not be a need to sacrifice your firstborn to Ben Dunne, because the #Irishfitfam is out in force and has pretty much all the #inspo, tips and advice you’ll need to step your fitness up a notch (or 10).

We’ve chosen our six favourite fitness Instagrammers to provide you with all the guidance and tips you need to get super fit without breaking the bank. Read on…

1. Ali-Rose Sisk

Ali Rose Sisk

This bodybuilding gal posts progress photos, meal plans, exercise techniques and, best of all, motivational quotes to keep you going during your workouts. She’s a keen weight lifter too, and a world record holder to boot. Oh, and did we mention she’s a Miss Cork finalist 2015?  @alirosesisk

2. Recalibrated Bodies

Recalibrated Bodies

Personal trainer Amanda posts a range of exercise techniques, transformation pics and nutritional advice on her IG, a part of her Recalibrated Bodies biz. @recalibratedbodies

3. The Super Fit Foodie

Super Fit Foodie

Super Fit Foodie, aka Aisling, is all about looking good by eating well, and she’s never afraid of taking a challenge. Just looking at this gal is enough #inspo, but she also gives some great exercise pics as well as recipes to fuel your body over on her website. @the_superfit_foodie

4. It’s Kelly Donegan

Kelly donegan

You might recall her from her stint on Tallafornia but nowadays Kelly is as well known for her incredible commitment to her Bikini Brawn body. She’s strong, lean, promotes healthy eating and competes in body building comps – go Kelly! @itskellydonegan

5. Mom Fitness Diary

Ursula Walsh, mom fitness diary

Delicious, healthy food is her thing and with more than 30,000 followers, mother of two Ursula Walsh knows her stuff because she’s gone from a size 16 to an 8 and lives the #Irishfitfam life. She posts pics of exercise techniques, healthy meals and motivational quotes several times a day, so you’ll always be loaded up with fitspo – and she blogs over at momfitnessdiary.blogspot.ie too. @Momfitnessdiary

6. Gym Bunny Dublin

gymbunnydublin instagram fitness

Orla McDonagh is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things #Irishfitfam, posting her exercise techniques and recipes on IG and her website. But what we love about her IG in particular are her gym fashion ideas – she makes it so easy to look stylish while working out. Love it. @gymbunnydublin

Did we miss any of your faves? Drop us a comment and let us know below!