6 Of The Funniest Irish Gals To Follow On Instagram

We're obsessed with this gas girlos.

We all need a good laugh every now and then and where better to turn to than some hilarious Irish ladies on Instagram.

The Irish are always known for their bold sense of humour and quick wit, leading to side-splitting Instagram pictures accompanied by even funnier captions.

Amy Huberman

To give yourself a truly Irish howl, look no further than actress Amy Huberman’s page. For Amy, making fun of herself and husband Brian O’Driscoll is top of her to do list on Instagram.

Amy keeps most of her posts quintessentially Irish, using terms such as ‘ledgebag’ and ‘devo’. During the heavy snowfall this March, she really upped her game, gaining thousands of likes for her posts about the frenzy with Irish consumers over bread shortages.

Local celeb papped

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Aisling Bea

Yes, I had a great weekend thanks. ??

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Another funny lady on Instagram is Irish comedian, actress and writer Aisling Bea. Ais’ page is full of her famous friends, from the IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade to comedians Noel Fielding and Sharon Horgan.

While there are lots of laughs to be had, Aisling isn’t afraid to take a political stance on her page either: 

Angela Scanlon

Radio and television host Angela Scanlon also flies the flag for funny Irish women on Instagram. Red headed Ang really plays into her Irish heritage on her page to give her followers a few laughs, with posts often featuring her in the countryside or with a pint of Guinness, joking that she’s not giving into the Irish ‘cliches’.

Not one for cliches me ??

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Sharon Horgan

Next on the list, is actress and writer Sharon Horgan, who’s Instagram bio is simply the word ‘skank’. Her page is followed ranges from celebrity encounters such as the late Carrie Fischer, Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Kendrick with funny captions, to posed sketch pictures and on set shenanigans.

Irish Celebs Doing Things

you vs. the guy she told you not to worry about

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For a real belly laugh, ‘Irish Celebs Doing Things’ is certain to tickle your fancy. The page was created by journalist Amy O’Connor earlier this year and has already gained over 7,000 followers.

The page posts mainly old pictures of classic Irish celebs with hilarious captions that are relevant to today:

When it's 10.54pm and cheaplist closes at 11pm ???

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Doireann Garrihy

How I hope to look if I ever need to rock up to court for a divorce ✨ #tbt

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A clear favourite among Irish girls for a good laugh on social media is Spin 1038 Radio DJ Doireann Garrihy. Her page features a lot of old pictures of her as a kid, poking fun at her appearance and posting about regular Irish ‘mammy’ things:

Well Ted any cake goin

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Doireann also uses her Instagram story a lot to provide a few laughs for her followers, often doing impressions or commenting on funny screenshots from her camera roll. While her page can sometimes be more fashion forwards or job conscious, Doireann’s story will never fail to bring the humour.

From big stars to homegrown talent, Irish ladies know how to entertain on Instagram. For each of these women, their accounts know their audience and uses the Irish self deprecating humour to tickle a few funny bones along the way.


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