6 Ways Soder + Ko Made The Shine Awards 2015 A STELLAR Event

It was an amaze-o night of food, cocktails and celebration. Here's how Soder + Ko made this year's Shine Awards a deadly do...

soder + Ko

With its super-flattering lighting (that chandelier!), beautiful decor and spacious interior, with loads of nooks to hang out in, Soder + Ko was a venue like no other for the second annual STELLAR Shine awards. Oh, and have we mentioned the amazing Asian cuisine and awesome cocktails this new addition to Dublin’s party scene is fast building a reputation for?

Team STELLAR are firm fans and on the reg drop in, and it seems the venue gained a few more admirers on the night of the Shine Awards too. Check this out…

1. The amazing space

Look at it! Beautiful panelling, gorgeous lighting, comfy, private seating that works as well for intimate dinners a deux as it does for fun nights out with pals, we love this restaurant-meets-club, because it’s got something for everyone.

2. The cool decor

Fab, huh? Exposed brick, cool couches – is it any wonder chic stylist Clementine MacNiece chose this part of Soder + Ko for her fashion opp?

3. The party atmosphere

Check this out – heaving, or what!?

4. The amazing food

We ate like royalty, nibbling on Nigiri Sushi, Maki Sushi, Dim Sum, which included Chicken Pot Stickers, Prawn Dumplings and Pork and Shrimp Dumplings, as well as Tempura Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes with Miso Mayo. Yum! And yes, we did have seconds. And thirds. And, er, fourths.

The food in @soderandko is ALL of the noms ??? #ShineAwards2015

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5. The deeeeelish drinks

Soder + Ko is building a real rep as a cocktail destination. Check these out – why does it have to be Monday!? Can we rewind back to the weekend?

Loving the @stellarmagazine #shineawards2015 #cocktails #lovindublin

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6. The super style

Super style breeds style – check just three of the extremely well-dressed stars who flocked to Soder + Ko on Wednesday 18th November for the Shine Awards. Style points? 10/10.

#scribesquad @aoibhinnmcginn @aisfranciosi @scribeoflondon #shineawards2015 #scribebyroz #blurry

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