7 Reasons Why Jonathan From Queer Eye Is The Saviour 2018 Needs

An angel on earth.

If you haven’t been watching Netflix’s show Queer Eye, you need to get on it (in fact, it’s perfect snow day viewing).

The series is a reboot of the 2000s makeover show in which five gay guys – known as the Fab 5 – give a straight guy a makeover, and it’ll leave you laughing, shouting for joy, and weeping in equal measure.

While each of the new Fab 5 has their strengths, grooming expert Jonathan is the one that has captured the public’s heart. We may not deserve an angel like Jonathan, but we need him right now.

That hair

We can’t ignore the hair. It’s long, it’s luxurious, he throws it up into a little hun bun when he needs it out of his face. We should all aspire to Jonathan’s hair.

Those catchphrases

Jonathan has a little language all of his own, and it’s infinitely quotable. Yes balance! Yes symmetry! Ulysses S Grant, WORK!

He knows his sh*t

Don’t know about you, but we’ve been spraying, delaying and walking away(-ing?) since watching episode two.

And not just beauty sh*t. Life sh*t

You think he’s all about concealer and beard trimmers and then he delivers something like THAT, and you’r bawling.

He just wants everyone to be nice to themselves

Jonathan kindly explains to the men he’s making over that it’s OK to take care of and love yourself – from using SPF to having confidence in the way you look. And isn’t he dead right?

He’s the best cheerleader ever

He can find something to shout about in every single person he meets. Honestly, if everyone was greeted by Jonathan screaming “YEEEEESSSSSSSS!” at least once, the population’s self-esteem issues would be resolved.

And he’s unapologetically himself

Who didn’t start the series thinking “Hmm, maybe Jonathan will be too much” and end it thinking “Jonathan for Taoiseach”? We’re moisturising obsessively now because we just want him to be proud of us. Thank you, Jonathan.


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