8 Of The Craziest Love Is Blind Rules Contestants Must Follow

Did you know they’re only running on a couple of hours sleep?!


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If you’re as glued to Love Is Blind Season 2 as we are, you’ll know by now that there are some important rules that make the show so interesting – one being that the contestants never see each other while they’re dating, and have to get engaged to be able to meet face to face.

But what we didn’t know is that there’s a bunch of other rules that the cast members have to follow – and some of them make a whole lot of sense. Take a look at the ones we found the most interesting!

The Sleeping Arrangements Suck

Although the large living space looks luxurious, and the pods are super cosy, the actual place that the cast members sleep is in trailers.

One of the contestants shared that they were sleeping in ‘correctional facility beds’, designed to ‘strip down’ their comfort level. And they only get around four or five hours of sleep a night, too. No wonder they’re so emotional!


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You Can Stay In The Pods For Hours

The show makes it look like contestants have allocated time slots in the pods, but it turns out you can spend as much time as you want with someone – and the cast takes full advantage. The creator of the show, Chris Coelen, said they sometimes have to remind the daters to go get some rest and eat something – but they want to be in there 24/7.

The longest pod session has been around five hours, which honestly makes sense to us. We’d need a few hundred hours to be leaving the pod engaged!

Phones and WiFi Are Banned

In order for the contestants to be able to give their full focus to the show (and not cheat by snooping on potential love interests), they have to give up their phones at the beginning of the experiment.

Cast members are encouraged to spend their time journaling and dating – though they can request a book if they’d like to read.


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You Must Live In The Same City

Producers really wanted to find couples that could have a genuine shot at love, so they make sure that all the contestants they film are from the same city, to avoid having long-distance difficulties on top of everything else they’re experiencing.

It also makes more sense logistically, as couples have to meet each other’s families on the show and arrange where they’re going to live.

Drinks Are Provided

Phew! Cast members can request the alcohol they enjoy and are welcome to drink as much as they like – we would certainly be hoping for at least a glass of wine to take the edge off.

The producers of the show have stressed that they want contestants as comfortable as possible so the dates feel real, so if you’d normally have a few drinks on a date you can do that.

You Can Describe Yourself

This one is more of a missing rule than a rule itself. It turns out that you are allowed to describe your appearance in the pods, despite not being allowed to see each other.

Contestants can describe themselves to the person they’re dating, though we imagine it’s unlikely that the person on the other side ever accurately guesses their exact likeness.


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Couples Who Don’t Make A Connection Get Sent Home

It’s a cutthroat dating world, and if it doesn’t look like you’re bonding with anyone, the producers will ask you to leave. It turns out that they actually start with around 50 cast members, and they wait to see who gravitates toward who.

Anyone who hasn’t made some sort of connection has to go home, and they keep whittling down until they’re left with a few core couple combinations.

Normal Date Activities Are Encouraged

The cast members want to make sure everyone has fun, so activities and games are encouraged among daters. The show’s producers do what they can to accommodate requests for specific items or foods.

You can ask for the same meal to be served in each pod, for some music to be played or an instrument to be brought in, or for games that don’t require seeing one another. Just regular date stuff!

Words by Aoife CodyKane


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