Gallery: 8 Times Amy Huberman Nailed Off-Duty Dressing

We <3 Hubes' style – even in runners and jeans, or a summery pair of shorts, she puts the chic in casual chic. Jealous, us?

Amy Huberman can do no wrong, if you ask us – from her Paddy’s Day make-up to her cuter-than-cute family, she’s the Irish A-lister we love to, well, love. (And that’s before we get on to the facts that she’s a deadly actress, hilarious tweeter and bestselling author.)

When it comes to fashion, she’s got it nailed. Whether she’s in her true blue jeans, bombing it around town (our sleuthing leads us to conclude that she has a major jones for super healthy salad bar, Blazing Salads), or sleek and streamlined in a pair of tailored trews and blazer, Amy knows what she likes and what works for her.

Of course, she can do the red carpet with the best of them – we’re sure we’ll turn our focus to her black tie ensembles soon enough – but we wanted to pay a little homage to the fact that Amy can dress down to beat the band, never looks uncomfortable (or like she’s pulling down the back of her top all day) and looks better in a bobble hat than we’d ever thought imaginable.

Pic credits: VIP Ireland