9 Irish People Suffering With The Mother Of All Festival Hangovers Today

"Thoughts of a Chinese keeping me alive"

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Electric Picnic is over for another year, after close to 55,000 revellers descended on Stradbally Estate this weekend for three days of music and madness.

If you were there, you’re no doubt nursing a mean hangover this morning. For your sake, we hope you have the day off work, a hot shower waiting and the Dominos website bookmarked for easy access. It’s going to be a tough day, but you’ll get through it. Eventually.

To make you feel a little better, here are nine people who are suffering just as much (or maybe more) than you this morning. And if you didn’t attend EP this year, these tweets should help to get rid of some of that pesky FOMO…

1. There’s this woman, whose self-diagnosis sounds accurate to us

2. This lady, who just isn’t ready to leave the campsite yet

3. This guy, who needs a cuddle STAT.

4. This lad, who lost the battle in a big way.

5. This guy, whose tweet alone has us feeling queasy #toowarm

6. Then of course there are the many, many festivalgoers trying to make their way home through a hungover haze.

7. Just surrender to the siren call of McDonald’s and call a taxi from there, that’s our recommendation.

8. This woman doesn’t seem TOO bothered about being broken by the madness of EP, in fairness

9. And this gal knows the true cure. Not pizza, not tea, but the sweet embrace of the shower.

Godspeed, all of you.