9 Irish People Who Just Couldn’t Cope With The Stress Of Today’s Coldplay Ticket Sale

Over 70,000 tickets in 40 minutes. WAAAAH.

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Tickets for Coldplay’s July 2017 3Arena went on sale at 9am this morning, and unsurprisingly people were very excited. After all, it’ll mark the first time the gang have played in Dublin since their Oxegen gig in 2011.

There were a few grumbles about the (admittedly very high) price tag.

But in general, people were will to sell their Grannies for a chance to see Chris and the gang live in Dublin again. 

There were even some reported cases of Queue Rage.

As expected – but unfortunately for many – the 70,000+ tickets sold out in around 40 minutes. Refresh the Ticketmaster page all you like, but those odds are stacked against you. Here are a few people who were none too happy…

1. This lad got quite emotional about the whole thing.

2. There were a LOT of grumblings about touts, and specifically Ticketmaster’s resale website.

3. Finally, that Coldplay quote came in handy for someone.

4. Oh, and this one too.

5. This girl didn’t even try to hide her FURY.

6. This women fell foul of the endless queue. BOO TO QUEUES.

7. This lad knew Ticketmaster had to be up to no good…

8. But at least there was a positive outcome for ONE person.

9. And hey, who knows, maybe this woman’s wish will come true. She missed school for this, Chris!

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