9 Of The Best And Worst Moments From The Oscars 2019

Prepare for the ultimate cringefest.


Last night’s Oscars goes down as probably the most awkward award show of all time in our books.

It could be the massive amount of pressure that surrounds the prestigious event, or simply the fact that every person in Hollywood is socially inept – whatever the reason, there were some serious ‘WTF’ moments on the red carpet and during the ceremony. But sure isn’t that what makes it entertaining?

There were also some moments that were memorable for good reasons rather than bad – emotional acceptance speeches for one. Here are our most memorable moments from last night’s show.

Chris Evans being a literal angel and lending his arm to Regina King

Chris Evans escorted the queen Regina King to the stage when she was accepting her award. Chivalry is alive and well, everyone.

Ryan Seacrest’s interview with Richard E.Grant

When Ryan asked Richard about how well he got along with his co-star Melissa McCarthy, he said she’s great, and then hilariously said, “She’s having my twins in August.” Let’s just say the joke didn’t land with Ryan. We, however, loved it.

Wayne and Garth’s surprise cameo

Everyone went MAD when Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey took to the stage as their beloved Wayne’s World characters to introduce Bohemian Rhapsody.

Giuliana Rancic’s interview with Bradley Cooper

In another car crash red carpet interview, Bradley Cooper wasn’t having a bar of Giuliana Rancic when she confessed her love for A Star is Born. Painful.

Rami Malek confessing his love to his co-star during his acceptance speech

Rami Malek gave his new GF and Bohemian Rhapsody co-star Lucy Boynton a long kiss after being announced as Best Actor, before addressing her on stage, saying: “Lucy you are the heart of this film. You are beyond immensely talented, you have captured my heart, thank you so much”. Adorbs.

Ashley Graham had another WTF red carpet moment with Jason Momoa

Brb, just crawling into a hole forever.

Olivia Colman had the best acceptance speech of all time

Olivia Colman made the best acceptance ever when she won the award for Best Actress. It was the perfect balance between emotional and hilarious. Just watch.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Coopers emotional perfomance

Some people think this is memorable because they ship Bradley and Gaga, we, on the other hand, think it’s painfully awkward..but that’s just us.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper getting a second standing ovation for their performance

Because one was NOT ENOUGH!


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