9 Things That ALWAYS Happen While Shopping In Penneys

From making 'essential' purchases at the checkout to throwing a rage about the sizing. These nine things are sure to happen during every Penneys shopping spree.

Penneys shopping bags

At STELLAR, we’re well used to popping in and out of Penneys. We can’t get enough of the mega trendy outfits and super affordable prices. But over the years we’ve noticed there are certain things that are always sure to happen in our fave store.

Here are the most, er, noteworthy events that inevitably happen when you shop in Penneys:

1. You consider buying multiple tops of the same size and colour

You know, in case one tears or is shrunk in the wash.

2. You upturn piles upon piles of minnie mouse individual panties…

Only to painfully discover that your size is not there and the floor assistant can’t confirm when they’ll be back in stock.

3. You find something that’s “grand, sure”

It’s not worth the hassle of trying it on first or returning it after, so now you have a warehouse load of never-to-be worn clothes that are too sizes too small. Sigh.

4. You buy multiple items in the queue for the checkout…

Usually ‘essentials’ like Coca Cola lip smacker, Halloween themed hair clips, and a multipack of toothbrushes. All things you probably don’t need and likely won’t remember buying in the first place.

5. You lament about the sizing

There’ll come a time when you can’t contain your frustration any longer and end up throwing a full-blown tantrum over the lack of a size 10-12 range. #Grr.

6. You end up being served by the good looking guy on the till on the day you decided to stock up on cotton granny-pants.

“Oh God, avoid eye contact, avoid eye contact.”

7. “Was I just called to checkout five or did they say nine??” Nope it was 12.

We’ve all been there. That moment when all dignity and Penneys street cred is lost. Everyone is looking and everyone is judging.

8. You buy one of the seasonal music band/90’s TV show t-shirts.

You don’t necessarily know much about the backstory of the print but hey, it’s black, it goes with everything, and it’s only €3.50. Score!

9. You start to have unrealistic life expectations

Suddenly spending €20 on a top seems ludicrous and you start to contemplate why toilet paper is so expensive these days. “Hold on, do Penneys sell toilet paper?” Sadly not, no.

By Rachel Muckley

Picture credit: Squeezie Lou


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