9 Times Your Life Was Exactly Like An Episode Of KUWTK

Kim K, you. Tomaytoh, tomahto. Now, thanks to hayu, two really can become one. Yay!

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Photo shoots, constant lunching, yacht trips and ALL the free clothes… do you ever feel like the Kardashians’ lives pretty much mirror your own?

Yeah, us too. The 12th series of KUWTK drops on hayu on May 2nd, and be warned, it’ll probably bring back some oh-so familiar memories from your own past. Like these…

1. When your mam’s career advice to you was to do a nude photoshoot
She has your back.



2. And that time she did a raunchy pool photoshoot of her own.
Standard Kris/your mam.



3. When you graduated from secondary school and were given a €7k Cartier bracelet.
Oh, and a Rolex.



4. When you had a fitting AND a nail appointment in one day and it was just too much.
We feel ya, Kim.



5. That time you went swimming in Bora Bora and lost your €75k diamond earrings.



6. The time your sister hosted everyone for Thanksgiving and Tesco were doing a deal on white flowers.
Two bunches for €5.99, apparently.



7. When your mam refused to let you take selfies while you bailed your sister out of jail
Such a party pooper.



8. When your sister’s boyfriend travelled to London to officially become a ‘Lord’
Yeah, he’s always been a bit of a weirdo…



9. That time your sister refused to buy you new shoes for a pretty good reason

Screen shot 2016-04-28 at 18.29.29


The new season of KUWTK drops on May 2nd, and thanks to hayu‘s Reality On Demand service you can watch it in Ireland the same day as it airs in the USA – win!

hayu is just €4.99 a month with no contract, and if you sign up now you’ll get yourself a month’s free trial. Find all the deets online hayu.com/welcome.


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