‘A Bit Bored’: Kim Kardashian Is Apparently Not Enjoying Her New Low-Key Life Post-Robbery

Could this mean that she'll be returning to social media soon?

Kim Kardashian

It’s been almost a month since Kim was held at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room on October 3rd, and since then she’s maintained radio silence across all her social media accounts, with many reports claiming that she’s taking time out to revaluate the way she’s been living her life.

The KUWTK star has also only been spotted out and about twice in the weeks following the attack, most recently attending Kanye’s concert in LA and grabbing ice cream with her friend Jonathan Cheban on another occasion.

Kim Kardashian

But though Kim has certainly maintained a low profile in the wake of the attack, a new source says she’s “starting to get bored with the quiet life out of the spotlight” and is beginning to “bounce back.”

“Kim was happy to attend Kanye’s concert last night,” the source told People. “She is starting to seem a bit bored. She wants to make plans for more outings and maybe even a trip. Things are slowly getting back to a new normal.”

‘Kim still prefers to lay low,’ they added. “She has filmed at home with her sister and Kris on a few occasions. She has been able to pick when she wants to film and how much. There is still no pressure.”

Despite these new claims, Kim is still to update her social media.

Whatever’s going on, we hope she bounces back to herself soon.


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