A Comprehensive List Of Female Versions Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire – it’s all men think about, apparently.

The ‘fits, the vomitorium, the fact that they invented roads (sort of)! According to TikTok, men think about the Roman Empire a lot. Like, a lot.

Like, they’re sitting at home or walking the dog or hitting up the gym – you know, male activities – and boom, suddenly they’re thinking about the one topic that dominated their Junior Cert history curriculum – the Roman Empire.

But what is the female version of the Roman Empire, we hear you cry. What is the one specific and random thing that women think about constantly, as a unit, every few days or so?

We’ve got a whole list. This is them.

1. Britney, P!nk, and Beyoncé as Gladiators in that Pepsi ad

2. ‘All Too Well’ (10 minute version)

3. Paul Mescal

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4. The Salem Witch Trials

5. ‘Bags’ by Clairo


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6. The Labyrinth starring David Bowie

7. Tom Holland ‘Umbrella’ Lip Sync Battle

8. The really, really bad ending of Pretty Little Liars

9. Bermuda Triangle

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10. Sally Rooney’s Normal People