A Girls Aloud Reunion Could Be On The Cards

Whoever Calls The Shots, please let it be.


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Sound of the Underground, Love Machine, Jump. The list goes on. We have Girls Aloud to thank for some absolute tunes that never fail to have us attempting to hit the high notes. So understandably, a lot of us were kinda sorta completely distraught when they split way back in 2012.

Although Girls Aloud announced their hiatus in 2009, then made a comeback before officially splitting in 2012, it seems we might be getting a reunion sooner rather than later.

Kimberly caught up with The Sun, to talk about the likeliness of a reunion for the band’s 20th anniversary in 2022. The excitement, it’s almost too much.


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“We do have an anniversary coming up. It will have been 20 years in 2022, it’s a long way off still. Everybody is busy at the moment, but I have a lot of love for all the girls, I’m proud of all of them.” Kimberley continued, “All the songs feel like a distant memory, but if I hear them then I think they’re good. I’m glad I still get to spend time with the girls and see them.”

And it seems she’s not the only one who’s thinking about getting the gals back together. Nicola Roberts also addressed the idea in a recent appearance on This Morning, “I would love to get back with the girls and us put on a show, and just put it on for the fans really. That was our favourite thing to do, was to do a show. So I think that we just have to cross that bridge when the anniversary comes and see where we all are.”

Interesting, we’ll just wait here patiently, singing along to Call The Shots.

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