A Look At The Gorgeous Pre Loved & Plus Size Pop Up On In Kildare Next Week


It’s no secret that finding plus size, sustainable clothes isn’t exactly easy.

While we all may strive to buy slow fashion, there’s accessibility issues that can make it tricky; sustainable fashion is a lot more expensive, there’s less variety in charity shops, and in general vintage sizing can be super awkward and limited.

That’s why Shauna O’Reilly decided to set up a plus size, pre-loved pop up.

Chatting to STELLAR, Shauna said that over the last few years, like so many others, she became “aware of the realities of fast fashion and the massive impacts on the environment.”

“I’ve really tried to cut down my spend but fashion options open to me as a plussize woman are very limited,” she explained.

“I’ve never been in the position to be able to raid the wardrobes of friends or sisters on a night out and so I inevitably end up buying something new for almost every big event.

“As a result, I have a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that deserve another twirl, I may not wear them again but why shouldn’t someone else?”

This is where Shauna got her bright idea to do a plus size pop up, where people can buy and sell their pre-loved clothes.

The event “will allow people to clear some space in their own closet by selling their clothes, making some extra cash in the process and will hopefully give them the option to buy some brilliant second-hand gems.”

Shauna hopes the event might be able to start something special for women who are sick and tired of not being able to find clothes they adore that they feel good in.

“Whilst the options open to plussize shoppers have improved dramatically in the last ten years, there’s still a long way to go,” she says.

“A straight-sized person has the luxury of walking into any shop and browsing the rails, trying things on, and walking out with something that they love. Unfortunately, for plussize shoppers, things are much trickier. We are overlooked and under-served by so many mainstream brands and retailers.

“Over the last few years, we’ve learned a lot more about climate change and the impact that fast fashion has on the environment and I, like so many others, have made a conscious effort to change my habits. It would be amazing to be able to trawl through vintage stores and charity shops for some brilliant second-hand finds and bargains but generally, the plussize selection in charity shops is limited.

“Hopefully, the Pre-Loved PlusSize PopUp can change that and give people an outlet to buy and sell second-hand clothes.”

This will be the first plus size pop up Shauna is running, though she’d “love to do this on a more regular basis.

“Imagine walking into a room full of clothes and having so many options open to you, it’s literally the dream for a plussize shopper!”

She tells us the reaction has been very positive, and that there’s a clear demand for this type of event all across the country.

“Hopefully, this will be the start of something really special.”

The first Pre-Loved PlusSize PopUp will take place at The Glenroyal Hotel in Maynooth, Co. Kildare on Sunday the 22nd of October. It kicks off at 11am and it’s a ticketed event.

Unfortunately, vendor tickets are sold out right now, so this time round you won’t be able to sell your clothes.

However general admission tickets (€5) are still available so you can go have a browse and hopefully pick up some gems, which Shauna tells us there are plenty of!

More details on the event can be found here and tickets can be bought here.