A Man Insulted A Woman’s Outfit On Tinder So ASOS Made Her A Model

Look, we go on Tinder to flirt with boys and maybe get a date, we do not use it to get advice on our style. One man got a little mixed up though and thought it was okay to insult his match over what she was wearing in her pic.

Thea Lauryn Chippendale was wearing a pretty pink dress in her Tinder pic when her match told her it was ‘doing her no favours’. He also told her to ‘Grow up’ (?) and described her lace dress as a ‘charity shop job’, which, hey, isn’t a bad thing!

Rightly pissed off, the 20-year-old shared the post on twitter where tens of thousands of people agreed that he was very wrong.

This included the ASOS team, who reacted to their dress being slated by a random boy by putting Thea Lauren on the site! Now, when you go to buy the premium lace midi dress, you’ll find her Tinder pic when you swipe right [geddit?].

Everyone on Twitter was delighted by the outcome, celebrating that Thea Lauren got the last laugh.

“This is insane, thank you so much” she said.



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