A Pillow Mist That Apparently Smells Like Harry Styles Exists So, Happy Christmas

No, really, this isn't a prank.

During a year when you think you’ve seen it all, a pillow mist that smells like Harry Styles comes along.

Yep, you read that correct, you can now purchase a pillow mist that apparently smells just like singing superstar, Harry Styles, so you can pretend you’re sleeping right next to him at night – in the least creepy way possible.

The product has been imagined by clothes and underwear brand, Pour Moi,  who are bringing a whole new meaning to ‘sweet dreams’.

Creating a scent inspired by some of the world’s most lusted after celebs, Harry’s signature scent is described on their website as:

“Inspired by the scent of Harry Styles and his favourite perfume, this mist is a potent melange of creamy vanilla, dry fruits and sweet wood sap.”

Included in the celeb inspired scents are also mega babes Rhianna and Margot Robbie, and Zac Efron and Bradley Cooper, all of which are crafted to smell similar to the star’s favourite scent of choice.

The sprays are currently not on sale just yet, however, Pour Moi is giving away the range to a number of lucky people, so if you fancy getting a whiff of Harry or any of the above, you can enter the draw here.

But, if you fancy smelling like Haz, and a pillow spray just isn’t going to cut it for you, you could go straight to the source and buy a bottle of Harry’s rumoured favourite aftershave – Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanilla (Please don’t ask how we know this information.)


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