A Second Love Is Blind Couple Were Cut From The Show

That's two couples whose story we'll never get to see.


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Chances are you may have already binged your way through season two of Love Is Blind – it’s the exact kind of reality tv madness that’s needed right now as a gorge glimpse of escapism.

But as we recently found out, not too surprisingly, the show has been keeping some things from us. A seventh couple, Caitlin and Joey, also left the pods engaged – but they didn’t make it onto the show.

In a recent Instagram post, Caitlin McKee shared that she also found a fiancé on the show, having fallen in love with Joey Miller and accepting his proposal on camera. Although the pair have since separated, they clearly had an intense romance, with both writing about it on their Instagram – which leaves us wondering why their story wasn’t included?

Read more about Caitlin and Joey here.


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But the plot thickens, as it turns out yet another couple’s engagement didn’t make it onto the show.

Kara Williams and Jason Beaumont also got engaged during their time on the show, and although we were briefly being introduced to them separately early in the show, Love Is Blind decided not to follow their relationship.

The news was discovered after Jason posted a snap of the pair of them together along with a lengthy caption explaining what had actually happened between them.

He explained: “SURPRISE! kara_williams & I walked out of the pods an engaged couple as well! Kara, has been one of the most charismatic, loving, & supportive people I’ve ever met, she is hands down one of the strongest women I’ve ever been around.

“Getting to see her on the red carpet was without a doubt the best feeling I’ve ever had in my entire life, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about how beautiful she looked. This entire experience was such an emotional rollercoaster for both of us, but at the end of the day we always found a way to make each other laugh.”


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He continued, “Unfortunately, we have since parted ways, but that will never take away the feelings & love I had for her throughout this process. Although our relationship was not featured, it was still authentic. Kara & I had conversations in 10 days, that had never even come up in my previous long term relationships.

“I remember the first 2 days of dating these amazing women in the pods, I was so nervous, and afraid to be vulnerable. Kara found a way to knock that wall down for me & be myself which became the turning point for me in this entire experiment.”

Kara has yet to comment on the relationship (slightly awkward), but we’re now left wondering why two couples were completely cut from the show. *insert suspicious eye emoji here*


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