A Shocking Amount Of Men Are Paying For Sex, According To A New Survey

Do these results surprise you?

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New research has revealed some interesting stats about prostitution. The survey by YouGov in America, which polled 1,000 men and women on their thoughts on the industry found that 51 percent of guys would be happy for prostitution to be legalised while only 30 percent of women said the same. Interesting, huh?

Even more eye-opening is the fact that 12 percent of guys admitted that they’d paid for sex, while two percent of guys said they’d prefer not to say. Um, we guess that means they have then, yeah?

A further two percent say they “don’t know” if they’ve paid for sex, while six percent of the guys surveyed say they’ve received money for sex in the past. That’s a potential 22 percent who’ve been involved in prostitution.

The stats in Ireland tell a similar story with a 2015 report by the Immigrant Council Of Ireland revealing that online prostitution soared by 240% in southern border areas after a bill in Northern Ireland made paying for sex a criminal offence.

Currently it is not illegal to exchange money for sexual services in Ireland, however soliciting, living off the earnings of prostitution and organising prostitution are illegal as set out in the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act, 1993. *

*Source: Sex Workers Alliance Ireland.


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