According To Sex Workers, This Is The Service Men Are Willing To Spend The Most Money On

It's probably not what you were expecting.


Whatever your opinions on sex work, a new video featured on Digg may be set to challenge them.

In the video, sex workers who work in legal brothels in Nevada open up about what they and many of their clients view as their most valuable commodity.

But far from capitalising on explicit favours, the sex workers featured say that the service they charge the highest premium for isn’t really a sexual service at all.

In fact, according to these women, what men are most willing to pay for is intimacy, or more specifically, something they call The Girlfriend Experience (GFE).

GFE is essentially a paid date with a sex worker, though the women prefer to call it a “party”. On these parties the worker and the client act like any other couple on a date, going to their favourite places, flirting, enjoying each other’s company and mimicking how it feels when you’re in a relationship.

“When I was new and I first went into the brothel, I thought that, you know, men want sex, and I was so wrong,” Christina Pereira, a former sex worker explains in the clip. “A lot of them, I would almost go as far to say most of them are paying, yes, for sex, but really more for companionship, a connection.”

Her opinions are backed up by other women in the video too, with many of them ‘fessing that – just like their clients – they’re also really into GFE.

Check out the vid below for more.


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